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Posted on behalf of Jess Rondema of the Oregon State Library:

Dear State Library Stakeholders,

The following message contains updated information about viewing the Oregon State Librarian candidates’ Public Presentations via iLinc (live session). There will also be a link to the recorded iLinc session posted after both presentations finish tomorrow (Thursday, February 23rd).

Please visit our State Librarian Recruitment Information Page<http://oregon.gov/OSL/StateLibrarianRecruitmentInfoPage.shtml> for more information about the entire process.

  Videos of the Public Presentation:
To facilitate your participation, an iLinc session has been set up to allow you to watch the stakeholder forum "Public Presentation" online, at your computer. To prepare and test your system prior to the scheduled (Thursday, February 23rd) Public Presentation, you can use this test link: https://oregon.ilinc.com/perl/ilinc/lms/systest.pl.  Join the live session by using this link: https://oregon.ilinc.com/join/bfpxfwf.
If you need assistance with watching the Public Presentations online through iLinc, please contact iLinc support at 1-800-799-4510.

Jessica Rondema
Administrative Services Coordinator
Oregon State Library
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Salem  OR  97301
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Posted on behalf of the Oregon State Library

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Subject: [Libs-Or] Finalists for Next State Librarian

Dear State Library Stakeholders,

Below is a message I am forwarding on behalf of Twyla Lawson, Sr. Recruitment Consultant:


I’m writing to invite you to assist the Oregon State Library Board of Trustees in selecting the next State Librarian. As a stakeholder, we are interested in your thoughts about the candidates being considered for this important position.

The Board has two finalists: MaryKay Dahlgreen, Library Development Program Manager with the Oregon State Library and Michael Piper, Interim Executive Director with the RAILS Library in Illinois.

The finalists will participate in both a stakeholder (Public Presentation-Video Recorded) and an employee informational forum prior to their final-round interviews with the Board.

The stakeholder forum “Public Presentation” is scheduled for Thursday, February 23rd (details provided below).  The candidates’ resumes can be viewed on the Oregon State Library (OSL) web site, http://oregon.gov/OSL/StateLibrarianRecruitmentInfoPage.shtml. The candidates will be asked to introduce themselves and provide a brief presentation on “Challenges and Opportunities for State Libraries in the Next Decade”.  At the beginning of the forum, note cards will be provided for you to write down and submit questions you would like the candidates to address.  In formulating your questions, I recommend that you think about one or two attributes or characteristics that are important to you in this position.  You are encouraged to email your questions in advance to me at Twyla.Lawson at state.or.us<mailto:Twyla.Lawson at state.or.us>.  As facilitator, I will do my best to fit in as many questions as possible.  At the end of the forum, we will provide the attendees a survey link to collect your feedback regarding the candidates’ strengths and challenges.   The information will then be compiled and provided to the Board of Trustees prior to them making a final decision. After the forum, audio and video recordings will be posted on the OSL web site.

The event will occur at the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (Executive Office Building), Conference Room B, 155 Cottage St. NE, Salem, Oregon.  Please note, there is metered parking. The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

8:15 am to 8:30 am

Orientation/Explanation of the process

8:30 am to 9:30 am

MaryKay Dahlgreen

9:45 am to 10:45 am

Michael Piper

10:45 am to  9:00 pm

Submit your feedback via electronic survey

If you have questions about the process or would like to submit questions for the candidates in advance, feel free to email me at Twyla.Lawson at state.or.us<mailto:Twyla.Lawson at state.or.us>.


Twyla Lawson, SPHR
Sr. Recruitment Consultant
HR Management & Consultation, DAS

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