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Hi everyone,

Here at the State Library of Oregon, we periodically get asked for information about libraries' status during the COVID-19 pandemic, info such as whether the building is open, whether curbside service is provided, etc. Many of you ask us these questions, but we also get asked by legislators and other decisionmakers.

Could you please help us out by filling in info for your library's COVID status on the spreadsheet linked below? It's a series of yes/no questions, so it should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. We ask questions like whether your building is open, whether you're offering virtual programs, whether you experienced budget cuts due to the pandemic, etc. In the spreadsheet, we also ask the date when you updated your info so that we know how current the data is. Since this message is going out to many library staff, we ask that the director or an appropriate person in charge complete the information for their library.


Having this information will help us not only answer the questions we've been getting but also see where libraries might need further support in responding to the pandemic.

There's a tab for each library type (i.e. public, academic, tribal, and county law) at the bottom of the page. Most libraries should already be listed in one of those tabs. If you don't fit into one of the library types, please input your information in the "Other" tab. If you do fit into one of those categories but don't see your library in the list, please feel free to add your library at the bottom in the tab for the appropriate library type.

For most library types, we have a column for your county's current risk level. Please ignore that column! I'll update risk levels periodically so that it reflects current status.

Thank you so much for your help with this! Please let me know if you have any questions.


Buzzy Nielsen, MPP, MSI
Program Manager, Library Support & Development Services
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