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I just had a great question about how to find something you like in the hardcopy manual on the CD so you can print multiple copies or use the graphics on other promotional material . While the example is specific to a page in the children's manual, the way to use the hardcopy and CD  is the same for the early literacy, teen, and adult program so I thought you all might be interested!

How do I find the graphic for a Time Log in the hardcopy manual on the graphics CD?  The Time Log I want the graphics for is pages 38 and 39 in the hardcopy manual.

You can print those pages as they are in the manual by...

1.       Use the "Dig Into Reading: Children's Program" CD

2.       Click on " Dig Into Manual PDFs"

3.       Click on "Dig Into Ch1"

4.       Scroll down to pages 38 and 39

5.       Click on the printer icon at the top navigation bar

6.       A window should pop-up that likely looks different on your computer than mine, however they all have some place where you can select which pages to print so you don't have to print the whole document. Type in 38-39 and you should be able to print just those two pages.

If you want to use just the images of the worm, mummy, ant, etc as graphics on another document then...

1.       Use the "Dig Into Reading: Children's Program" CD

2.       Click on  "Dig Into Manual Clipart"

3.       You will see 4 folders labeled EPS, JPEG, and TIFF. All of these folders contain exactly the same graphics, but in different formats. EPS format is the easiest to edit and manipulate, but doesn't work with all computers. JPEG is the most common format and likely works on all computers. TIFF is the highest quality graphic for professional design and printing, but doesn't work with all computers. Select the folder/format you need for your graphics.

4.       Select the graphic you want-they are all named logically like "ant" and "garden gnome". It looks like they have all the graphics from pages 38-39 except the little mummy and pot of gold.

These are all also on the "Dig Into Reading/Beneath The Surface/Groundbreaking Reads" DVD. If you use this, select the "2 Dig Into Reading Children's" folder and then follow the same directions as above starting with #2.


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