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The following items are available to libraries that are on the courier.   Please let me
know: the titles you are interested in, your dropsite and Attn: to. I will reply only if i'm sending you something.



Bath, the Kitchen and the Aesthetics of
Waste: A Process of Elimination, Lupton and Miller, 1992, Paperback


Calder Gouaches:
1942-1976, PaceWildenstein, 2006, Paperback

Collected works of C.G. Jung: v 9, pt 2: Researches
into the Phenomenology of the Self, Pantheon Books, 1951, Hardcover

Confidence: The
Cornerstone to Success and Happiness, Alan Loy McGinnis, 1994, Audio Cassettes


Yearbook 2004, United Nations, Hardcover


Doctor Faustus,
Thomas Mann, Alfred A. Knopf, 1948, Hardcover


Drawing into
Film: Director’s Drawings, Pace Gallery 1993, Paperback


Drug Facts and
Comparisons 2008, Wolters Kluwer, Hardcover


Century Background, Basil Willey, Columbia
 University Press, 1980,


Essays of the
Three Decades, Thomas Mann,
Alfred A. Knopf, 1947, Hardcover


Ethics in America, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Columbia University on Media and Society, 1985,
Audio Cassettes 

Fathers and Sons,
Turgener, Classics Club. 1942, Hardcover


Colleges 2008, Peterson’s, Paperback


Frankenthaler: A
Selection of Paintings from the Collection of the Artist, Newberger Museum
of Art, 1999, Paperback


Gnostic Religion,
Hans Jonas, Beacon Press, 1963, Paperback


Greek Myths
Volume One and Two, Robert Graves, 1957, Paperback


Kienholz, PaceWildenstein, 2002, Paperback


How to Use
Transactional Analysis Concepts, Reverend Owston, Affective House, Audio


Journal of the
Plague Year, Defoe, Everyman’s Library, 1943, Hardcover


Love in America: A
Discussion of the Psychological and Cultural History of Love, Audio Cassette,


Love in the Time
of Cholera,Garbiel Garcia
Marquez, Vintage Books, 1988, Paperback


Man’s Fate, André
Malraux, A Modern Library, 1961, Hardcover


Master and the
Man, Tolstoy, Crowell Books, Hardcover


Presidency, James P. Pfiffner, St. Martin’s
Press, 1994, Paperback


Mozart, Wolfgang
Hildesheimer, Vintage Books, 1982, Paperback


Nations of the
World: A Political, Economic, and Business Handbook, Grey House Publishing,
2007, Paperback


Nautical Almanac
for the Year 2007, Hardcover


North,  Lois-Ferdinand Céline. Penguin Books. 1976,


Old Farmers
Almanac 2007, Yankee Press, Hardcover


Out of the
Ordinary: New Art from Texas, Contemporary Arts Museum,
Houston 2000, Paperback


Painted Ladies: San Francisco’s Resplendent
Victorians, Baer, Pomada, Larsen, E.P. Dutton, 1978, Paperback


PDR for
Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Herbs, Thomson, 2007, Hardcover


Dostoyevsky, Modern Library 1936, Hardcover


Guide to Dual Disorders in Adolescence, Academy of Addictions
  Treatment Professionals, 1992, Paperback


Quest of the
Historical Jesus, Macmillan, 1948, Hardcover


Scholarship Book,
12th Edition, Prentice Hall Press 2006, Paperback 


Silent Screens:
The Decline and Transformation of the American Movie Theater, Johns Hopkins
 University Press, 2000,


Skinner on
Freedom,  Audio Cassettes, 


South American
Handbook 2005, Footprints Books, Paperback


Yearbook, Forty-ninth Issue, United Nations, 2005, Hardcover


Statistics on
Delinquents and Delinquency, Charles C. Thomas, 1964, Hardcover


Stoic and
Epicurean Philosophies, A Modern Library Giant, 1957, Hardcover


Story of Edgar
Satterwhite, David Wroblewski, HarperCollins Books 2008, Hardcover

 Two-Year Colleges,
Petersons 2007, Paperback


Transcription, Clark and Clark,
 Kent, 1985,
audio Cassettes


Uppers, Downers,
All Arounders, CNS Publications, 1995, Slides


Way of All Flesh,
Samuel Butler, MacMillan Company, 1937, Hardcover


Why Nations Go to
War, 7th ed., John G. Stressinger, St. Martin’s
Press, 1993, Paperback


World Almanac and
Book of Facts 2001, Hardcover


Mariah Manners 

Tech. Serv. Spec.

Clatsop Community College

Dora Badollet Library

1680 Lexington Ave, 

Astoria OR 97103


mmanners at clatsopcc.edu

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