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The Library & Information Services program at Highline Community College
is offering the following courses for winter quarter 2009. All of these
courses are available online and can be taken towards a certificate or
degree or simply for professional development. 


For more information on the program, please visit:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
fclark at highline.edu.


Winter quarter 2009


LIBR 120 Technical Services

Development of proficiency in the procedures, tools, and systems used in
acquiring and processing library materials. The focus is on customer
service, efficient and accurate interpretation of materials requests,
ordering and receipt of materials in all formats, budget management,
effective communication, and the use of print and electronic tools.


LIBR 160 Computers in Libraries

An introduction to existing and emerging library-related technologies
with a focus on effective use of catalogs, databases, and the Internet,
integrated library systems, library websites, accessing and downloading
various formats electronically, troubleshooting and assisting patrons.
Attention is paid to the role that computers play in libraries and their
impact as well as electronic communication, netiquette, security, ADA,
working in networked environments, hardware and software, and developing
technology fluency. Students will also learn to transfer from situation
to situation, adapting to new technologies as they emerge.


LIBR 170 Cataloging I

An introduction to cataloging of library collections with a focus on
bibliographic description, effective interpretation and use of the
Anglo-American Cataloging Rules and MARC formats and creating and
maintaining catalog records. Attention is paid to the use of library
networks, integrated library systems, sources of electronic catalog
copy, transfer and input into local and shared systems, and applying
customer service models in performing all cataloging functions.


LIBR 180 Media Services

An examination of the components of quality media services programs in
multiple library settings, with an emphasis on customer service. The
focus is on collecting, managing, maintaining, and providing access to
and assistance with media materials and equipment. Includes working
effectively with media production and repair personnel. Emerging
formats, methods of delivery and legal principles are also addressed.


Thank you,

Fran Clark 
Library & Information Services Program Advisor 
Highline Community College 
2400 South 240th St, MS 25-2 
Des Moines, WA  98198-9800 
206.878.3710 x3610 
fclark at highline.edu 

http://flightline.highline.edu/lis <http://flightline.highline.edu/lis> 


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