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Hi all:
You must have gotten so busy with the holidays and winter that you forgot about this contest. Am I right? Just to ensure that everyone gets a fair shot at this fabulous opportunity, we are extending our deadline to the end of February. But remember-February is a short month so you only have 26 more days to get your audacious design to me. And don't believe the news: Punxsutawney Phil was not looking for his shadow today-he was looking for a new tattoo! Be the one to help him out!

To remind you of contest details, here is what I sent out originally, with the date changed:

So, you think you can tattoo?

Attendees of the WLA/OLA Joint Conference of 2008 will fondly recall the magic of the Past President's Booth, where temporary tattoos were liberally applied to giddy librarians. Yes, it would be hard to top that...but we can try!  The event was so successful that we are going for a repeat performance, with a twist: a contest!

Who: you and your artistic, graphic-designing friends
What: a contest to design a graphic that will be turned into a tattoo and sold at the 2009 OLA Annual Conference in Salem, proceeds of which go to the OLA Scholarship Fund
When: must be submitted to Mo no later than February 28. For purposes of actually getting this art work turned into a tattoo, please send your artwork using CMYK defined colors at 300 ppi or better, saved as EPS or TIFF
Where: to be premiered at the 2009 OLA Annual Conference
Why: to create a pointless need for all conference goers and friends and family of conference goers to sport a tattoo of your design
How: very carefully-picture this on someone's body-no don't do that!

There is a prize! Besides the terrific honor of having your design turned into a tattoo (think how great that will look on your resume), the first place winner will receive $50, 10 mudflap boy or girl tattoos, and of course, world fame. Runners-up will also get 10 tattoos. Decision will be based on the completely subjective whims of the Past Presidents.

For more information, contact Mo at 541.682.8314 or maureen.t.cole at ci.eugene.or.us<mailto:maureen.t.cole at ci.eugene.or.us>! Happy tattoo planning!

Thanks! Mo

Maureen Cole
Public Services Manager
Eugene Public Library
100 W. 10th St., Eugene, OR 97401

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