[Libs-Or] Video conferencing options around Oregon: To Be Compiled

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I have had a lot of excellent responses to my question.  I'm compiling
them into a single document but will wait until next week to send it out
to make sure I get as many of the suggestions as possible in one
document, rather than sending out a stream of updates.
So, there is still time to email me.
Thank you!!! 
And have a wonderful Independence Day! Read the Declaration of
Independence around the campfire or as you watch the fireworks :-)


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	Subject: [Libs-Or] Video conferencing options around Oregon?
	Greetings (please forgive any email duplication):
	A lawyer patron who will be chairing a statewide rural-urban
task force asked what I knew about video-conference options in public
libraries around the state.  I told her I would ask the library
community about what they make available in their own libraries or who
she could contact in rural counties, cities, colleges, or universities
that provide services to outside groups (I think hers is an Oregon State
Bar task force, but am not positive and can find out if it matters).
	I'm not sure if the task force will have any money budgeted for
this, but would guess they do have some, so "free" isn't necessarily a
	Feel free to pass this along if you know someone else who may
know.  It's also possible Oregon nonprofits and professional
associations have facilities they would share.  We'll check with LASO,
AOC, TACS - other suggestions are welcome.
	I'll be glad to compile the info and share it.
	Many thanks!

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