[Libs-Or] Weeded Periodicals for Offer from OSL

Jessica Rondema jessica.rondema at state.or.us
Tue May 26 12:54:25 PDT 2009

The following items are available from the Oregon State Library:
Accounting and Finance: Journal of the Accounting Association of Australia and New Zealand
18 items:
v.32, no.1 (May 1992) - v.42, no.3 (Nov 2002)
The Activist Update 
            2 items:
v.1-2 (1998)
Advances: Newsletter of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation  
18 items:
Sum 1995-2000
Advertising Agency and Advertising and Selling 
275 items:
v.42, no.6 (Jun 1949) - v.51, no.18 (Aug 1958)
Advocate of Peace
41 items (fragile):
v.70,no.6-7 (Jun-Jul 1908), v.71,no.6,11 (Jun, Dec 1909), v.75,no.3,5,10-11 (Mar, May, Nov-Dec 1913), v.76,no.1,3-4,9-11 (Jan, Mar-Apr, Oct-Dec 1914), v.77,no.1-9 (Jan-Aug, Oct 1915), v.78,no.1-2,7,11, (Jan-Feb, Jul, Dec 1916), v.79,no.1-4,10-11, (Jan-Apr, Nov-Dec 1917) v.80,no.1-2,4, v.87,no.9-12 (Jan-Feb, April 1918)
Advocate of Peace through Justice 
53 items (somewhat fragile):
v.86, no.1 (Sep 1924) - v.94, no.1 (Mar 1932)
After the War 
32 items (somewhat fragile):
v.1, no.1 (Jun 1943) - v.3, no.10 (Jun 1946)
Alkaline Paper Advocate 
            21 items:
v.3, no.1 (Mar 1990) - v.5, no.6 (Dec 1992)
ALTA Newsletter 
            71 items:
v.1, no.1 (Oct 1981) -v.14, no.4 (June 1995);
(Missing: v.1, no.4 (Apr 1982), v.2, no.5 (Feb 1983), v.4, no.1-2 (Sep, Nov 1984), v.5, no.1 (Sep 1985)   
Federal Relations News 
            1 item (bound volume, somewhat fragile):
v.1, no.1 (1946) - v.4, no.7 (1949)
Please let me know within two weeks from today, (by June 9th), if you are interested in any of these titles.
Thank you,
Jessica Rondema
Technical Services Specialist
Oregon State Library
250 Winter St. NE
Salem  OR  97301
jessica.rondema at state.or.us
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