[Libs-Or] celebrating 100 years

Marita Squires rsquires4 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 16:21:25 PST 2009

Next fall will be the 100th anniversary of our library, and obviously,
we want to celebrate in a big way. I put a little blurb in our current
newsletter asking people to share their favorite memories and
photographs of the library, with the hopes of compiling it all into
some sort of a book. In addition to this, we would like to try to do
something special (but CHEAP) each month, and then do a big
celebration in September. If anyone can share their celebration ideas
and plans, I would greatly appreciate it, and for those who have
already done this, let me know what really didn't work.

If your library will also be celebrating 100 years in 2010, would you
please let me know (I've found one other library that will be, now
want to "collect" another 98)


Rita Squires  --
The Dalles-Wasco Co. Public Library
722 Court St, The Dalles OR 97058

"Reading a really good book is like reading a part of the author's
heart."  (Kevin Frederick - my 9 year old son, after reading the last
of the Indian in the Cupboard series)

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