[Libs-Or] Books/Periodicals on Government, U.S. Politics, State Politics for Offer from OSL

Jessica Rondema jessica.rondema at state.or.us
Mon Nov 9 13:18:31 PST 2009

The following titles are available from the Oregon State Library:
State of Connecticut: Register and Manual 
(1 copy 2007 and 1 copy 2008 available)
US Senators and Their World; 1960
Book of the States, v.39; 2007
Revolution at the Roots: Making our Government Smaller, Better, and Closer to Home; 1995
Guide to U.S. Government Publications, 2008
Manual of Legislative Procedure for Legislative and Other Governmental Bodies; 1975
            (3 copies available)
America Votes
            (1 copy 1956, 1 copy 1958)
Comparative State Politics: Illinois Legislative Studies Center; 1991-1999
            (49 issues, 1 copy of each available)
Washington Information Directory; 2006-2007
            (1 copy 2006-2007 and 1 copy 2007-2008 available)
State Government: CQ's Guide to Current Issues and Activities; 1995-1996
The Council of State Governments State Directory: Directory II - Legislative Leadership, Committees & Staff; 2006
Oregon: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; 1993
Managing for Success: A Profile of State Government for the 21st Century; 1997
Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants; 2005
Twenty Years of Accomplishments by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety; 1989
Oregon State Bar: Legal Technician Task Force Report to Board of Governors; 1992
Transportation Series: State Traffic Safety Legislative Summary; 2000
Policy Playbook: Public Issues and Recommendations for 2001; 2001
Understanding Legislative Staff Development: A Legislator's Guide to Staffing Patterns; 1979
Achieving Effective Staff Utilization: A Legislator's Guide to Personnel Management; 1979
Labor Research Review 15: Privatization & Contracting Out; 1990
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Policy Forum; 2001-2004
            (8 issues)
 Congressional Quarterly's Editorial Research Reports; 1988-1990
            (1 copy of Protecting Rights in State Courts, 1 copy of Policing the Professions, 1 copy of Gridlock in Suburbia, and 1 copy of Lucrative Lure of Lotteries and Gambling available)
National Conference of State Legislatures:
-State Groundwater Protection Legislation: A Proposed Comprehensive Policy Framework; 1990
-State Groundwater Protection Polices: A Legislator's Guide; 1989
-A Place to Call Home: Adoption and Guardianship for Children in Foster Care; Mar 2000
-State Budget Actions: FY 2007 and FY 2008; Apr 2008 
-State Tax Actions 2007; May 2008
(1 copy of each available)
Please let me know by November 16th if you are interested in any of these titles.
Thank you,
Jessica Rondema
Technical Services Specialist
Oregon State Library
250 Winter St. NE
Salem  OR  97301
jessica.rondema at state.or.us
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