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If you would like to request these or other materials from the Oregon State Library please use your library's established interlibrary loan process or fax your request to the State Library document delivery department at 503-588-7119 with complete request information. Our catalog is also available online.
Items added to our LIS collection are also announced via RSS! See http://osl-lis.blogspot.com/ for more information!
The collection is funded with LSTA funds administered by the Oregon State Library.  The library science collection is meant to support the whole Oregon library community.  The Library Development Division welcomes your suggestions for acquisitions - see the blog for an input form or email us!
Dowd, Nancy, Mary Evangeliste, Jonathan Silberman.  Bite-sized Marketing: Realistic Solutions for the Overworked Librarian.  Chicago: American Library Association, 2010.  021.7 Dowd   ISBN 978-0-8389-1000-9
This book is structured to quickly impart simple and cost-effective ideas on marketing your library. Filled with contemporary marketing ideas, the authors provide

* How-to of guerrilla marketing
* Cutting-edge digital marketing practices
* Benefits of traditional print media

Visually compelling and easy to read, this book will challenge you to market your library in new and original ways.
The Librarian's Book of Quotes.  Tatyana Eckstrand, comp.  Chicago: American Library Association, 2010.  021.7 Dowd   ISBN 978-0-8389-1000-9
Tatyana Eckstrand has compiled nearly three hundred of the most insightful, thought-provoking, and inspiring aphorisms about the library profession. Writers from Shakespeare to Ray Bradbury and librarians from John Cotton Dana to Nancy Pearl are gathered together to sing the praises of librarians' skills, values, and the amazing institutions they support. Citations are provided to the original source material, and a handy biographical dictionary provides background on individuals who may not be household names. 
Moving Materials: Physical Delivery in Libraries.  Valerie Horton and Bruce Smith, eds.  Chicago: American Library Association, 2010.  025.6 Movin   ISBN 978-0-8389-1001-6
Picking, packing, delivering, and returning library materials can be very time consuming and expensive; yet, it is one of the most important and least understood functions within a library. Until now, little time has been spent studying, exploring, or writing about the physical delivery of library materials. "Moving Materials" is the guide to contemporary logistics management for libraries. Eleven experts in the field explore every aspect of this multi-million dollar function, so readers will learn: the impact of pricing on delivery services; managing in-house delivery systems; and, the value of outsourcing physical delivery to a carrier service. The book details about routing and materials management systems. It features new technologies and the impact of library 2.0 on physical delivery. "Moving Materials" is a practical, useful handbook for library managers who want to save money and offer quality materials to their patrons.
Mayer, Brian, and Christopher Harris.  Libraries Got Game; Aligned Learning through Modern Board Games.  Chicago: American Library Association, 2010.  025.2896 Mayer ISBN 978-0-8389-1009-2
A much-talked-about topic gets thorough consideration from two educator-librarians, who explain exactly how designer board games which are worlds apart from games produced strictly for the educational market can become curricular staples for students young and old. Drawing on their experience as game aficionados and developers of a nationally recognized program, the authors equip colleagues with everything they need to initiate a board game project with

* Direct links between board games and curriculum
* Suggestions for building a core collection across grade levels
* Strategies for program development and implementation

>From promoting the idea to teachers and administrators to aligning specific games to state and national education standards, this book will help you build a strong collection that speaks to enhanced learning and social development and is just plain fun.
Tunstall, Patricia.  Hiring, Training, and Supervising Library Shelvers.  Chicago: American Library Association, 2010. 023.3 Tunst   ISBN 978-0-8389-1010-8 
How do you find good library shelvers and keep them for more than a few months? Tunstall gives practical advice to help you do just that with a complete overview on how to hire, test, train, and retain shelvers. A complete toolkit, this book includes templates for signs advertising employment, screening tests, interview questions, employment letters, job descriptions, and employee assessments; the dos and don'ts of hiring and firing; checklists for procedures and training.  Every librarian will be able to hire, train, and supervise library shelvers with confidence with Tunstall's down-to-earth advice.
Fortriede, Steven Carl.  Moving Your Library: Getting the Collection from Here to There.  Chicago: American Library Association, 2010. 025.1 Fortr  ISBN 978-0-8389-0994-2
The task of moving collections of books and other materials can be overwhelming as library facilities evolve to reflect changing demographics and use patterns. Author and experienced mover Steven Carl Fortriede has everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently with step-by-step directions, diagrams, spreadsheets, and photos. Readers will learn how to plan a library move, which method is best for a particular situation, how to recruit and train workers, and what tools and supplies are needed. Everything you need for the move is included - even specifications for boxes, moving carts, sorting trays, and a worksheet to calculate shelving layouts and growth rates. "Moving Your Library" is the complete kit for any librarian facing the daunting prospect of moving a library collection.
 Murray, Start A. P.  The Library: an Illustrated History.  Chicago: American Library Association, 2009. 027.009 Murra  ISBN 978-0-8389-0991-1
Through the ages, humanity has created, destroyed, rescued, neglected, discovered, stolen, and cherished libraries-and no other institution so perfectly mirrors the human condition in any period of history. The Library tells the story of libraries and of the changing form and function of the book from era to era, whether clay tablets, parchment sheets, papyrus scrolls, glossy paper, recording tape or silicone chips. At the heart of the story of libraries and books is the story of the reader, who also has changed from era to era. Profusely illustrated, with fascinating is a comprehensive look at libraries that will interest book lovers and librarians. 
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