[Libs-Or] 25 Titles Now Available in Gale Virtual Reference Library

Jennifer Maurer maurer_jennifer at oslmac.osl.state.or.us
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In late September the SDLAC committee voted on the top 25 titles, culled from a list of selected choices that Gale gave us, to include in the Gale Virtual Reference Library database.  http://oregon.gov/OSL/LD/technology/sdlp/index.shtml
Only 10 titles had 4 or more votes each, so those were added to the GVRL right away.  Then the reps looked over the titles that each received 2 or 3 votes, and we voted on the remaining choices during our 11/6 meeting.  We tried to make sure there were some titles appropriate for academic, public/tribal, and K12 library patrons and to encompass multiple subject areas.
The following choices are now available in GVRL.  For a description of what each title encompasses, see the attachment.   
15 Additional Titles as of 11/16/09
Ancient Greece and Rome: An Encyclopedia for Students
Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography
Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion
Encyclopedia of Education
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
Encyclopedia of World Cultures Supplement
Europe 1789-1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of Industry and Empire
Europe Since 1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of War and Reconstruction
Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health, 2nd ed.
Middle Ages Reference Library
Real-Life Math
Social Issues Primary Sources Collection
Witchcraft in America
World War I Reference Library
World War II Reference Library
10 Titles We Already Had in GVRL as of 10/12/09
American Decades Primary Sources 
Ancient Civilizations Reference Library
Complete Human Diseases and Conditions
Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2nd ed.
Encyclopedia of Religion
Encyclopedia of Science, Technology and Ethics
Encyclopedia of World Cultures
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia
UXL Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes, 2nd ed.
Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia


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