[Libs-Or] A vote on single-payer legislation this week

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For the first time ever, single-payer legislation will be debated and voted
on by Congress.

This week, the House of Representatives will vote on Rep. Anthony Weiner's
amendment which would replace the health insurance reform bill (HR 3200)
with the Single-Payer/Medicare for All bill (HR 676).

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (OH) wants to enable states to establish single-payer
systems, and got an amendment in HR 3200 that would do so.

Senator Bernie Sanders is introducing S. 703 (Senate single-payer
legislation) to the Senate floor for a debate and vote.

Let's make our demands loud and clear by calling Congress now!

We want our Reps. to support Weiner's HR 676 amendment, and retain
Kucinich's state single-payer amendment. And we want our Senators to support
S. 703.

Help us try out a new call-in system called "click-to-call." It makes
calling easier, and gives us feedback. Please fill in your location and
phone number in the box to the right. You can choose to call either your
Rep. or a Senator. Be sure to fill out the report form after you call to
start the process over if you want to make a second or third call so you
reach your House Rep and both Senators.
You can also use the ALA site to find who to call and to send emails,
http://capwiz.com/ala/home/ .

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