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 House takes step toward opening the CRS
<http://www.wo.ala.org/districtdispatch/?p=3885> October 15th, 2009 |
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Rep. Frank Kratovil (D-MD) recently introduced a bill, H.R. 3762, into the
House of Representatives to make published Congressional Research Service
(CRS) reports available to the public via the Internet.

More than $100 million tax dollars are spent each year to fund CRS, which
generates detailed reports for Congressional lawmakers and their staff. This
bipartisan legislation, introduced with fellow freshman Rep. Leonard Lance
(R-NJ), would make published CRS reports available to the public in an
effort to increase transparency and help citizens become more informed and
engaged advocates.

This recent House activity complements Senate Resolution 118, introduced by
Sen. Lieberman (I-CT) in April 2009.

We thank supporters of both pieces of legislation for demonstrating a
understanding of the importance of access to information.

Jessica McGilvray
Assistant Director, ALA Office of Government Relations


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