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We have used the Binder Minder attachment on a Konica for the last few
years. It is OK but I certainly would not rave about it. While it does
help prevent breaking the backs of journals and monographs it does not
allow for a completely flat copy. We have also had to have the optics
adjusted periodically because the Binder Minder sits higher than the
usual glass surface. We  have a comprehensive service contract and the
copy company has really competent service people, so we have not been
inconvenienced; but that could be a variable.


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Hello. The StreamNet Library is currently in negotiations for a copy
machine.  We're looking at a couple of models with various features. Our
vendor has suggested that we look at the Binder Minder attachment for
copy machines rather than going with a pre-built book copier.  

If you have any experience with the Binder Minder attachment, would you
be willing to share your experiences, good or bad?

Thank you.

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