[Libs-Or] Press Release-Plinkit Collaborative Receives a Digital Government Achievement Award

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Plinkit Collaborative Receives a Digital Government Achievement Award


The Center for Digital Government <http://www.centerdigitalgov.com/> , a
national research and advisory institute on information technology
policies and best practices in state and local government, has awarded
the PLINKIT Collaborative <http://www.plinkit.org/>  a 2009 Digital
Government Achievement Award in the Government-to-Government category. 


The Digital Government Achievement Awards showcase progressive and
innovative web sites and digital applications by government entities
worldwide.  The awards are judged by a panel of experts on a wide range
of categories, including site accessibility, innovation, cost-savings,
ease of use, and exceptional service to the public.


Cathilea Robinett, executive director of the Center for Digital
Government, said, "We congratulate the winners of this year's awards.
They are terrific examples of first-rate ideas and collaboration on
digital solutions which ultimately benefit citizens."


Plinkit is software that lets libraries maintain rich web sites without
any technical expertise.  Libraries that previously had no web presence
or that offered only a basic, static web page can now connect with
customers online, letting them search library catalogs and databases,
view slide shows and videos, peruse event calendars, and much more
<http://www.plinkit.org/about/plinkit-features.html> .  Plinkit is
especially valuable in rural areas where long distances and limited
hours make it difficult for patrons to go to the library in person.
More than 250 libraries <http://www.plinkit.org/maps/plinkit-libraries>
in Oregon, Texas, Illinois and Colorado are able to serve their hundreds
of thousands of users online because of Plinkit. That number is expected
to explode as upgraded software will soon be available and the Virginia
and Michigan state libraries, as well as the Nebraska Library
Commission, INCOLSA and Lyrasis have become members.


View the Center for Digital Government's press release
<http://www.centerdigitalgov.com/survey/88,> .




Justine Shaffner

Plinkit Collaborative Coordinator

www.Plinkit.org <http://www.plinkit.org/> 

303-751-6277 x140

jshaffner at bcr.org 


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