[Libs-Or] Orchestrating PR to Get Funding at ALA This Summer!

Dawn Marie Lowe-Wincentsen dawn.lowe.win at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 11:25:45 PDT 2010

Orchestrating PR to Get Funding
Sunday June 27 10:30 am  WCC 204 B/C


Learn how to orchestrate your organization’s message for results when
speaking to politicians and the public. Hear from speakers who use
quantitative and qualitative measures to get funding and advocate for
their libraries. Readers must select focused tools for their audience.
Studies have shown that quantitative measures are useful to convince
some groups while a story with the personal touch is what convinces

Speakers: Steve Hiller, University of Washington Libraries, Director,
Assessment and Planning;
Laura K. Lee Dellinger, Metropolitan Group, Principal/Senior Executive
Vice President;
Joe Matthews, JRM Consulting, President;
Felton Thomas, Jr., Cleveland Public Library, Director

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