[Libs-Or] Bittorrent downloading in libraries--Any solutions?

Kyle Banerjee banerjek at uoregon.edu
Tue Jun 29 12:38:25 PDT 2010

> Obviously, I'm not a lawyer, but I would think that the closest match to
> what libraries face would be what universities face when they get notices
> about illegal download activities on their networks. When they can't trace
> the activity to a specific IP, what do they do?

As one might expect, they just call whoever appears to be responsible for
the network. In practice, you're more likely to get a call because one of
your users is harassing someone or attacking another system (usually
unintentionally because of infection) than because of perceived copyright
violation. Pirating is not the same as those other categories because you'll
just get your network locked out.

In response to the question of whether bandwidth is a big deal, it is if
it's all used up and people aren't able to access the services they need.
It's important to be aware that p2p is not the only bandwidth intensive
activity -- streaming is taking an increasing piece of the pie and is the
majority of use on many networks. However, a few people downloading DVD's
(even those with no copyright issues) will really suck up the bandwidth.

Whatever the case, patrons and staff alike suffer your network is
overwhelmed. The easiest thing to do is throttle connections and/or address
specific problems on an individual basis.

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