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District Dispatch has posted a new item, 'Educator jobs bill still alive'

You might have heard about a funding bill which is being considered by both
house and the Senate for Supplemental funds this summer for education.

There is $10 billion (as opposed to the earlier versions for $23 billion
included higher education jobs and school construction as well) to maintain
education jobs as part of this supplemental, but there are also $800 million
education rescissions which include:

$100 million from FY 10 funding for the Public Charter School program (ESEA
Title V, Part B, Subpart 1) (reducing funding from $256 million to $156

$200 million combined from both FY 10 and ARRA funds for the Teacher
Fund  (reducing the combined FY 10 and ARRA funding from $600 million to

$500 million from ARRA funds for the Race to the Top program (reducing
available funding from $3.4 billion to $2.9 billion [$600 million has
been awarded and $300 million is set-aside for Race to the Top Assessment

The legislative text of the House version of the supplemental was just
on the House Rules Committee site.

Our language begins on page 6.

At this point it's still not a done deal and possible that GOP will be
any new, non-war funding so we need to continue to monitor closely.

Emily Sheketoff
ALA Washington Office Executive Director

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