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We only received 4 actual responses.

Original question:
We are looking into replacing our projector that we use in our 100 seat meeting room
and hoped that some of you have purchased a projector in the last couple of years.
We have researched projectors but still feel like we are picking blind.

So we would love to know...

What did you end up buying and would you purchase it again?
How big is your meeting room or screen?
What would you recommend we get or what would you do differently?
Is your projector easy to use (including for the public who rent our room)? What
lessons did you learn?
Any sources you used that made selecting a projector easier?

To clarify we are looking for a portable model (or to reside on a cart) not a
ceiling mount projector.

Summary of responses:
We recently purchased the Dell 1510x
and are very happy with it.  We use it for video games on a roughly 4'x 6' screen.
It is fairly straightforward to use as these things go, and I think that if our
screen was a few feet larger we could set the projector farther away and still have
a bright image.  It's probably not bright enough for a large auditorium screen
though. Pros: Lots of different input options, bright & crisp picture, reasonably
priced replacement bulbs, very compact. Cons: Some of the less commonly used
functions are only accessible from the remote. If you loan the remote it could get

I don't know if you're looking for one that's installed in the ceiling or a portable
one. We went for the latter (so we could use it for library presentations) and
bought an earlier model of this projector. It's been fantastic. Nice picture. Simple
to use (although part of the simplicity factor is the patron's hardware, not the
projector). Really inexpensive. The bulbs (we haven't had to replace one yet, and
we've had it almost 2 years) are inexpensive as well. We bought it from Amazon.


Definitely read customer reviews. They tell you a lot. Newegg is a good source of
reviews as well.

We selected this one during a recent grant-funded purchase:


Small, lightweight, good image, and nice connectivity (VGA, HDMI and USB). You will
need a converter DVI- or miniDVI- to-VGA cable for Mac folks. Personally, I've been
happy as a clam when I've taken it and our netbook, which only has a HDMI port, out
on outreach presentations.

It looks like Dell has some bigger ones if the throw isn't big enough for your room.

if by projector, you mean something that plugs into a laptop, i might offer a bit of

you may wish to use to use bulb replacement costs as one criteria for selection.

some of those projector bulbs can run over  $100.00.

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