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   That said, as a public librarian, I have a responsibility to provide the
   best possible service I can to my patrons, and to be a responsible steward
   of taxpayer funds.

I think responsible stewardship means not spending those funds on
books with DRM.

I agree about the goal of offering the best possible service; but,
taking that goal in the long term, I think it calls for refusing to
carry books with DRM.

     Our patrons  tax money has gone to purchase access to
   Overdrive s DRM-laden content.  Therefore, I am duty-bound to do everything
   I can to facilitate and simplify patrons  access to that content.

Does having taken one step along a bad path justify taking another?
Looking at the long term, I don't think so.  Perhaps you are
interpreting your goals in too short a term.

Meanwhile, I suggest we not to refer to books as "content", because
that word disparages the books.  It treats them as filler for a box.
I love books, and I'm sure you do too; let's talk about them in
a way that appreciates them as writting rather than as filler.
See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/words-to-avoid.html#Content.

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