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MaryKay Dahlgreen marykay.dahlgreen at state.or.us
Tue Oct 5 10:52:26 PDT 2010

>From our colleagues at TechSoup and Lyrasis (scroll down for this one):


Welcome to the October TechSoup for Libraries<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=5oCkQ-J0vDrg6oocV4lzIw..> newsletter! This month, we have news about upcoming webinars, a Library Spotlight, a TechSoup Product Spotlight, our Surdna grant, and a new survey. You received this email because you participated in a webinar, contributed content, ordered products, or were interested in resources from TechSoup or the MaintainIT Project.

Free TechSoup Webinars [http://img.getactivehub.com/act2/custom_images/techsoup/TStalks-banner.gif]
Cloud Computing<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=1WpPED1z15zHu7M7c9SbzA..>

Thursday, October 14, 2010, 11:00 a.m. Pacific (Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2 pm Eastern)

The term cloud computing is being used more and more, but what is it and why should you make an effort to understand it? In this free webinar we will explain what cloud computing means, define the different types, discuss how it is impacting nonprofits and libraries, and outline some criteria for use. We'll discuss the challenges of using the "cloud," and if cloud computing can simplify your life and reduce software and IT staffing costs.

Hear from Anna Jaeger, co-director, GreenTech at TechSoup Global, and Peter Campbell, nonprofit technologist at Earthjustice, who will help you understand this topic in order to better communicate with your consultants, staff, and board.

To get a sense of what we will be discussing, read the blog post Why Should Nonprofits Care About Cloud Computing<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=HDs_Y28Xn8urkVei6zBLyA..>, and watch this short introductory video by Common Craft, Cloud Computing in Plain English<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=GPtUt7nQCpoTKS1ph8ItSw..>.

The Story of an Open Source Library<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=aBDXpZbPmOBYf7pTQwVNTg..>

Thursday, October 21, 2010, 11:00 a.m. Pacific (Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern)

This webinar will cover specific open source tools (some of which you may not have heard of before!) that work well for libraries and the benefits and challenges associated with their use. Meadville Public Library uses open source software on 90% of their public access computers.

Cindy Murdock Ames, IT services director and Kyle Hall, the library's on-staff developer, will share recommendations for libraries considering open source software and how to get started successfully. Cindy has been using open source software for over 10 years, which has allowed the library to save licensing costs and have more control over its computing environment. The library uses open source tools for their websites, e-mail, Internet firewall, wireless router, proxying, filtering, and productivity software, and thin clients for Internet access and to run Koha for the circulation and public catalogs.

Security Basics: Keep your Computers Safe<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=uGBYx-qebcrjPDuwAzOaeQ..>

Thursday, October 28, 2010, 11:00 a.m. Pacific (Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern)

When you have computers connected to the Internet or to any external device, you need to take precautions. Security threats can not only cause harm to your computers but could damage files on your network or put sensitive data at risk. This free webinar will help you understand what the threats are and how your computers can get infected.

Kami Griffiths from TechSoup will interview Marian Merritt, an Internet safety advocate from Symantec Corporation, who will explain what employees should know about this topic and which specific activities can be problematic. This webinar is ideal for anyone who seeks a basic understanding of security threats or needs a refresher course.

You can discuss TechSoup webinars on Twitter with the hashtag #techsoup, join us for a live-stream of the events in Second Life<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=8nGYRjaVEDkUfzhOKHWxEA..>, or visit our archives<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=dSVwybrKvm6RyePMrJftnw..>.

TechSoup Library Spotlight: Jaketha Farmer

[Jaketha]We first profiled Jaketha's technology work when she had recently become the Bossier Parish Library's<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=GCz7iEujyf8BpIeibCUpxw..> first systems administrator and had big plans for overhauling the library's IT infrastructure. Years later, she now has a firm foundation and exciting plans for the future of her Louisiana library. Read her new spotlight<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=fXtrY29AHtB2K-eZndEHlg..> to find out exactly how she used her limited resources to conquer all types of public access computing issues, from printers to firewalls to wireless and technology training.

TechSoup Product Spotlight: Symantec Donation Program<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=vpsj8SVl1_CLJCOR4j6qfQ..>

Symantec<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=lC23gq2sK04igU0dDg5mhg..> can help protect your library's computers against spyware, viruses, and other security risks. Some of Symantec's most popular security products, such as Norton AntiVirus 2010, are available for administrative fees as low as $4.00. TechSoup's Symantec Donation Program website<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=PErIY4zw8zjywyNxTvnm9Q..> has all the details, including other products available such as pcAnywhere, for securely accessing and managing remote computers, Norton Ghost for computer backups and recovery, and Norton Smartphone Security, which protects smartphones against viruses, mobile spyware, and spam.

[Symantec logo]We are pleased to announce that the Symantec Donation Program now includes Symantec Enterprise Products, Symantec Desktop Products, and Subscription Renewals for Symantec Desktop Products. Qualifying organizations are invited to maximize the individual benefits of one, two, or all three of these exciting offerings.

Learn how to fight spam with TechSoup's Spam Prevention Toolkit<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=iJki6-yRjw1j6ja4ik7brw..>, ask your spam questions in the Virus Vaccination and Computer Security Forum<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=1AVqMppyAvR1wVMm2GplNQ..>, and check out the Learning Center's Virus FAQ<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=AEgmXw4VuMWGtNKXMRhAHg..>. When you follow basic security guidelines, you'll save time and money by ensuring that your resources are spent on your community and your mission, and not on recovering your hard drive or deleting spam.

TechSoup's donation program<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=jjjzSV4SNADS_bVPVRKQ-A..> helps stretch your library's budget. You can save 80-96% on brand-new software donated by top companies. The products, including Microsoft donated software <http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=ONZSv4LIC62-o8XsBf5FtA..> and refurbished computers<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=aASDmyKVLcylgKHEtD-T9A..>, are available to all public libraries that are listed in the IMLS database<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=Y6In1FtRXkpUia7Ub4JTxA..> and/or have a valid 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and to nonprofits with a 501(c)(3) designation.

Connecting BTOP Grantees to Resources

At TechSoup we amass stories and experiences from libraries and nonprofits and share them in meaningful ways. Whether in a webinar, an article, or through links to good resources, we're a conduit to what we're hearing in the field.

One of the projects we're working on currently is an effort -- funded by the Surdna Foundation<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=s8G4gB-I218jkZzdaUO4fg..> -- to gather resources to help organizations that received BTOP<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=llteX2T9KaSoT1mQ_b8C1Q..> funding. Like the work we did on the MaintainIT Project to create technology Cookbooks<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=bXgjXWMWHvsne8DsL4C3ug..>, this project is both a fact-finding mission and a sharing endeavor.

We're talking to folks who received BTOP funding and who are in the process of implementing their projects. Over time, we'll blog about what we're hearing, and it's our hope that if you're working on a project to improve broadband access or adoption--BTOP-funded or not--you'll weigh in and tell us your story. The more information we can gather about project successes and challenges, the richer and more meaningful the resources we'll create and share.

Monthly Survey: BTOP Funding

[baby]Each month, we have a 2-3 question survey to gather your ideas and to make sure we're offering products and services useful to you and your library. When you complete the survey, we enter your name in a monthly prize drawing, and Sarah's daughter selects a winner. Our new winner is Kim Grohs, from the Sussex County Library System in Newton, NJ! This month's survey<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=_Ptz2-19-TUzX0Bn3RSV5g..> is a very short one to determine what BTOP-funded projects libraries participate in and what resources you would find helpful at your library to support BTOP projects.

Many thanks for all your continued participation and support. We'd love to promote your library in our work. Tell us<http://tsg.convio.net/site/R?i=71UbTYfNJSZhGXO6QjpgRg..> a library technology story, or share a moment when you were particularly proud of solving a technology issue. Don't forget that what might be "that's nothing" to you may be an "aha!" to someone else!

-Stephanie Gerding
techsoupforlibraries at techsoup.org<mailto:techsoupforlibraries at techsoup.org>

TechSoup Global is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working towards the day when every nonprofit, library, and social benefit organization on the planet has the technology knowledge and resources they need to operate at their full potential.

TechSoup Global, 435 Brannan Street, Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94107 Copyright (c) 2010 TechSoup Global. All rights reserved.

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Good day all, and apologies for any cross posting.

The following classes will be brought to you soon by LYRASIS, online. For class times and other information (including links to registration), please visit www.lyrasis.org<http://www.lyrasis.org>. Keyword: Classes and Events. Please keep an eye out for our weekly discount codes as part of our educational stimulus program and save when you register for certain classes.

LYRASIS Preservation classes are funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Division of Preservation and Access.

We realize that classes beginning at 10 am EST may be a bit too early on the West Coast, and we attempt to schedule each class at varying time slots throughout the year.  If there's an early morning class in which you are particularly interested, and which you'd like to see in the future scheduled later in the day, please let Linda Gonzalez (linda.gonzalez at lyrasis.org<mailto:linda.gonzalez at lyrasis.org>) know.

20 Questions: Genealogy Basics (Live Online) 10/26/2010

Preservation and Salvage of Audiovisual Materials (Live Online) 10/26/2010

Changes Ahead with AACR2, RDA and FRBR (Live Online) 10/27/2010

Combating Plagiarism: Partnering with Faculty to Eliminate Academic Crime (Live Online) 10/27/2010

E-Resource Wrangling: An Introduction to ERMS (Live Online) 11/02/2010

Managing Student Assistants in Academic Libraries (Live Online) 11/02/2010 - 11/04/2010

Interactive Information Literacy Teaching Methods (Live Online) 11/02/2010 - 11/03/2010

Management 101: Project Management (Live Online) 11/02/2010

Interpreting and Coding the OCLC MARC Bibliographic Record (Live Online) 11/02/2010 - 11/04/2010

OCLC Connexion Client: Maximizing Use with Setup, Interface Customization, Record Status Codes, and Additional Functions (Live Online) 11/03/2010

Technical Services Efficiency: Beyond one-by-one OCLC Online Cataloging (Live Online) 11/04/2010

Archives Preservation (Live Online)

11/04/2010 - 11/18/2010

Planning for a Service Disruption (Live Online) 11/04/2010

20 Questions: Genealogy Basics (Live Online) 10/26/2010

Preservation and Salvage of Audiovisual Materials (Live Online) 10/26/2010

Changes Ahead with AACR2, RDA and FRBR (Live Online) 10/27/2010

Combating Plagiarism: Partnering with Faculty to Eliminate Academic Crime (Live Online) 10/27/2010

Thank you for your time in reading.

Best regards,


Linda M. Gonzalez

Professional Development Librarian

LYRASIS - West Office

linda.gonzalez at lyrasis.org<mailto:linda.gonzalez at lyrasis.org>

404.892.0943 x2922

720.215.2180 Cell

LYRASIS Headquarters

1438 West Peachtree Street NW, Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30309 Toll Free: 800.999.8558

Fax: 404.892.7879


LYRASIS: Great Libraries. Strong Communities. Innovative Answers.

MaryKay Dahlgreen
Library Development Program Manager
Oregon State Library
marykay.dahlgreen at state.or.us
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