[Libs-Or] Projectors for library meeting rooms

Dolores Knight dknight at cclsd.org
Thu Oct 21 17:19:11 PDT 2010

We are looking into replacing our projector that we use in our 100 seat meeting room
and hoped that some of you have purchased a projector in the last couple of years.
We have researched projectors but still feel like we are picking blind.

So we would love to know...

What did you end up buying and would you purchase it again?
How big is your meeting room or screen?
What would you recommend we get or what would you do differently?
Is your projector easy to use (including for the public who rent our room)?
What lessons did you learn?
Any sources you used that made selecting a projector easier?

Thank you,

Dolores Knight, Reference Librarian
Coos Bay Public Library
525 Anderson Ave.
Coos Bay, OR  97420

"So many books, so little time." — Frank Zappa

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