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Hi, all. I have been poking around the various science-related rooms of FriendFeed and would just like to pass along links to blog posts and other items that I found interesting and that provide snapshots into the coming word of Open Science and scientific computing. These developments will affect us someday as librarians.

Computational science: ...Error
…why scientific programming does not compute.


You Aren’t Blogging Yet?!?

The Plos Ten Simple Collection (this is an interesting collection in general, but the one entitled, “Ten Simple Rules for Organizing a Virtual Conference—Anywhere” is especially useful):


In which I suggest a preprint archive for clinical trials

(I am including this one in case you have not heard of Martin Fenner, a medical doctor who writes very interesting on biomedical research library-related matters)


Here is another of his slideshows

Helping Researchers Create Scholarly Content


New Google "Research Tool"... in the development stage


Let’s Stop Publishing Research Papers


Seventy-Five Trials and Eleven Systematic Reviews a Day: How Will We Ever Keep Up?


And I happened to come across this slideshow, “How and why scholars cite on Twitter” which says, “Presented at the American Society for Information Science & Technology Annual Meeting, 2010”


Research into Open Research Data (the meat comes at about slide 22).

I am including this one not because it is an useful overview of the Open Data movement but also because I want to introduce you to it author, Heather Piwowar, who is a biomedical informatician and who blogs quite interestingly on her blog Research Remix http://researchremix.wordpress.com/)


Is There Really a Systematic Problem in Medical Publishing? Or Just a Reporter With a Narrative?


I am including this one because the chemist Antony Williams is one of the leading thinkers of Open Science (and creator of ChemSpider http://www.chemspider.com/) and it just wise to keep an eye on things he does and what he thinks is important

Overview of our future book Collaborative Computational Technologies


I saw this little thing, I think, in some of the writings of the giant of Open Access, Peter Suber:

Open Access Journals Search Engine


Just an example of the rage for all things mobile:


This is a very good slideshow overview by the science librarian John Dupuis of the merits of Open Science

Exploring Open Science


And these are two kind of cool tools (and show how research and citation and authorship stuff is getting all over the place):



15 Very Useful Mobile Apps for Conferences


Publish your computer code: it is good enough


Lanyrd Social Conference directory:


Useful slideshow on big data matters by Deepak Singh of Amazon Web Services

Platforms for data science


And this is a useful corrective:

Visualization myths around Snow's cholera map


That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for listening!

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