[Libs-Or] Top 10 Reasons to Attend PNBA Trade Show in Portland

Robin Beerbower rbeerbower at cityofsalem.net
Thu Sep 2 08:28:23 PDT 2010


For the past two years the Pacific NW Booksellers Association has been
inviting librarians to their annual trade show held in Portland.  PNBA
is being held October 7-9 at the Portland Airport Holiday Inn and is
again welcoming librarians.   Last year I attended for the first time
and was amazed at what was offered and how helpful it was for collection
development, author programming, networking, and education.  I will
follow this post with a letter from PNBA outlining more details. In the
meantime, please consider attending and here are ten reasons why:

1.  Bill Baars of Lake Oswego and I will be presenting on Thursday,
Oct. 7!  Every year PNBA offers a selection of educational sessions to
rival anything offered at library conferences and this year there will
be a set of sessions just for librarians.  

2.  It won’t break your training budget!  If your library joins PNBA
(cost $125), then up to FOUR people from your library may attend the
show for free.  (Individual book professionals may attend the show for a
$75 badge fee.)  That’s a mere $31.25 per staff member!  Where else
can you attend educational sessions, meet and greet authors of great
renown, and tour exhibits for that amount?  Granted, meals are extra,
but famous authors will be at each meal and you will walk away with a
bag full of signed, free books! 

3.  It’s exclusive!  The shows are not open to the public so everyone
you meet will be associated with books in some way.  It’s a
bibliomaniac’s paradise.

4.  Authors, authors, and more authors!  The Thursday night Nightcapper
party is free and you will meet 20 authors who will sign books or
galleys.  The meals also feature famous authors, and this year Ivan Doig
and our hero Nancy Pearl will be presenting at the Friday morning
breakfast.  Last year I attended the Feast of Authors dinner and
literally rubbed elbows with Susan Wiggs and Brian Herbert (son of
Frank).   Authors love libraries and opportunities abound to ask about
library appearances.

5.  It’s not just for adults!  There are educational sessions aimed
at serving youth and exhibitors give away many books for children and
teens.  There are also children’s book authors presenting during the

6.  It’s a great source for collection development librarians!  
Hearing the authors speak and touring the exhibits will give you a heads
up as to what’s new and forthcoming.  Your patrons will be most
impressed when you get books of local interest in your library before
they are reviewed in your local newspaper. 

7.  Free books!  You will receive advance reading copies and signed
books from the authors and exhibitors. 
8.  Network!  You will meet Indie booksellers from all over the NW and
it’s fun to meet new book smart people.

9.  Come feel the love!  PNBA is courting librarians and authors love
10. Bill and I are presenting!  Oh wait, I mentioned that but I needed
one more reason…

I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about
the PNBA trade show.  

Robin Beerbower
Salem Public Library

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