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Subject: 	[alacro-l] New Resources from Public Library Funding & 
Technology Access Study
Date: 	Tue, 21 Sep 2010 11:44:03 -0400
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Good morning. The ALA Office for Research & Statistics is pleased to 
announce new resources for using data from the /Public Library Funding & 
Technology Access Study/, new ways to connect with the data and is 
encouraging public libraries to help us continue telling the public 
library technology story by participating in the 2010-2011 survey.

1) Data in Action 
According to a survey of state library agencies, obtaining media 
and creating templates and tools for communicating findings at the state 
and local level are two of the best ways the study team can leverage the 
study and the information provided by public and state libraries. The 
new Data in Action section on the study website 
<http://www.ala.org/plinternetfunding> is the beginning of an effort to 
share tools and examples of how study data is being used to inform and 
educate stakeholders about the value of libraries and issues related to 
sustaining public library technology services.

As always, the study provides state-level summary data 
that can be used for statewide advocacy efforts, and the Center for 
Library & Information Innovation <http://clii.umd.edu/> (which manages 
the public library survey for the ALA) has created new one-page flyers 
<http://www.plinternetsurvey.org/?q=node/24> highlighting data by state 
showing how libraries support employment and e-government. If you don’t 
see your state listed, it means that we didn’t receive enough survey 
responses last year to do state-level analysis (see below).

2) Libraries Connect Communities blog 
<http://www.ors.ala.org/libconnect/>. In addition to the new Data in 
Action Web pages, we’ve launched a new blog that features updates on new 
tools that provide state and local libraries with data they can easily 
use for advocacy and media relations; greater detail on study data 
points in the news; effective practices gleaned from study focus groups, 
site visits and interviews; frequently asked questions and more. We also 
hope to integrate study data within wider conversations around library 
technology and funding. We invite readers to comment, question, 
challenge, confirm or simply share successes and obstacles.

3) 2010-11 public library survey 
<http://www.ors.ala.org/libconnect/2010/09/07/2010_2011_npls/>. Thanks 
to libraries of all sizes, we are able to produce an annual report 
(using several data elements that stretch back to 1994) describing the 
technology and funding landscape for our public libraries. We can’t do 
it without you – but we can (and did!) make it easier to respond. If you 
participated in the survey last year, you can now import that data if it 
hasn’t changed. If you have more than branch, you can now select “same 
for all branches” where that’s the case instead of inputting new data 
each time… States that begin with O (Oregon and Ohio) currently have the 
highest percentage of responding libraries at 14% (Oklahoma, New Mexico 
and Colorado also are in double digits). Thanks!

Do you have an example of how you’ve used the study data… or something 
you’d like us to share on the blog… or a request for how we can put the 
data to use for your libraries? If so, send an email to Larra Clark 
(lclark at ala.org <mailto:lclark at ala.org>) or Caroline Jewell 
(cjewell at ala.org <mailto:cjewell at ala.org>), and we’ll see what we can do!

Thanks, as always, for helping us get the word out among your members 
about the study.

Warm regards, Larra

Larra Clark

Project Manager

ALA Office for Research & Statistics

800-941-8478 x8213

www.ala.org/plinternetfunding <http://www.ala.org/plinternetfunding>

lclark at ala.org <mailto:lclark at ala.org>

Follow us on Twitter: ala_ors

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