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Letter To Libraries Online

An Electronic Newsletter from the Oregon State Library.......Volume 21, Issue 4, April 2011

Library Board News


At their April 6th meeting, the State Library Board of Trustees will hear a report from Library Human Resources Manger Diane Ballard on plans to recruit a new Oregon State Librarian. Ballard is working with Board Chair Sue Burkholder and an executive recruitment specialist from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services to develop the plan. The Board will consider adopting the plan at their June meeting. State Librarian Jim Scheppke announced in February that he will retiring at the end of the calendar year from the post he has held for 20 years. In other business, the Board will conduct their annual assessment of a key performance measure that deals with best practices of state boards and commissions. Prior to the Board meeting at 1:30 p.m., the Board will participate in the Annual State Library Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. The Board meeting will be held in Room 202. An open forum is scheduled at 3:00 p.m. Anyone may address the Board at the open forum on any topic.


At the end of March, the Oregon Legislature will have been meeting for two months with only three months to go. At press time a number of library-related bills will have had hearings, but none have moved very far in the Legislative process. The State Library's budget bill, SB 5521, was the first agency bill to have a hearing in a Ways and Means Subcommittee. The hearing took place on February 9-10. The second day featured public testimony from the Oregon Library Association and the National Federation of the Blind. A bill that was introduced by Governor Kitzhaber on behalf of the State Library Board, SB 111, was voted out of a Senate committee on March 17th and referred to the Ways and Means Committee. The bill would provide permanent funding for the NEWSLINE audio newspaper service for blind and print-disabled Oregonians. NEWSLINE has been funded with donation funds as a pilot project for the past four years. It provides access to the Oregonian, the Statesman Journal, and the Register-Guard newspapers in addition to national newspapers and magazines. HB 2649, which would establish a task force on school libraries, had a hearing on March 7th in the House Education Committee. HB 2710, which would change the funding method for county law libraries, had a hearing on February 8th but has not moved further in the House Judiciary Committee. HB 2859 and HB 3210, both of which deal with the preservation of heritage resources in the state, were heard on March 17th. The Legislature has set a deadline of April 8th for bills to be scheduled for a work session. Otherwise they will not advance in this session of the Legislature. This rule does not apply to appropriations bills that are assigned to the Ways and Means Committee.
State Library News


Arlene Weible, Government Documents and Technical Services Librarian at the Oregon State Library, has been appointed to the 15-member Depository Library Council. Public Printer Bill Boarman announced her appointment, which will run from June 1, 2011 - June 1, 2014, on March 9. The Council, composed of 15 members, each of whom serves a three year term, advises the Public Printer on policy matters relating to the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). The FDLP provides public access across the United States to the published information of all three branches of the government through partnerships with more than 1,220 libraries. Weible has been at the State Library for five years. One of her key duties is to serve as the coordinator of the Regional FDLP for the state of Oregon. Working with three other research libraries, she helped negotiate a successful shared housing arrangement for this program.


One free summer reading performance is available for public libraries with population service areas of 10,000 or less through the State Library and OLA's partnership with the Oregon College Savings Plan (OCSP) on Destination: College Savings (the 2011 summer reading sweepstakes). Qualifying libraries should have received an email in March directly from OCSP with details about this opportunity.

How it works: Libraries contact the performer indicated in their email from OCSP to schedule a performance just like they normally would. The performer has a list of qualifying libraries to confirm eligibility. The performer sends an invoice for one performance, mileage to and from the library, and lodging (if necessary) directly to OCSP. If you have any questions about Destination: College Savings or the summer reading performers please contact Kathy Griffin at kgriffin at tiaa-cref.org or at 503-477-9710.


In August and October of 1939, the acclaimed photographer Dorothea Lange traveled through Oregon recording the plight of farmers and migrant agricultural workers who were affected by the Great Depression. This exhibit focuses on the photographs Lange took in Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties for the Farm Services Administration of the federal government. Lange's documentary motives are explored in detail, along with the social and political background of the pictures she took. Fifteen photographs by Lange are supplemented by materials from the State Library's collections from the time period. The exhibit is on view in the 2nd floor lobby, 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.


Cataloging: New Perspectives will be broadcast on Friday, April 8 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. This webcast is part of the Library Futures: Staying Ahead of the Curve 2011 training series. Staff from Oregon libraries may participate in this webcast at no charge. This training series is a staff development opportunity in the best sense of the term. It gives staff a solid framework for problem-solving in today's complex library environment. You and your staff can maximize these opportunities by bringing a group of interested staff together to watch; organize discussions about the impact of the show's content on your library; and follow up with a discussion on what next steps your library can take. For more information, go to College of DuPage<http://www.dupagepress.com/library-learning-network/cataloging/>. This webcast is being made available free of charge to staff from Oregon libraries, paid for by the Oregon State Library with LSTA funds. A DVD of this webcast will be available to check out from the State Library about one month after the date it is broadcast. DVDs of previous webcasts are available from the State Library<http://catalog.willamette.edu/search~S2/X?college+of+dupage&SORT=DX&searchscope=2> through your library's established interlibrary loan process.


The application packet for FY2012 grant proposals is available on the web through the LSTA Competitive Grant Program<http://oregon.gov/OSL/LD/LSTAcomp.shtml> page. Short proposals are due April 22. Ann Reed is available if you need advice or have any questions. Contact Ann at (503) 378-5027 or email ann.reed at state.or.us<mailto:ann.reed at state.or.us>.
Other Library News


Three Oregon public libraries were among the 23 recipients of a Public Program Grant from Oregon Humanities. The purpose of the grant program is to support programs that are timely, relevant, accessible and interactive, and that use the humanities in the public sphere to connect Oregonians to ideas that change lives and transform communities. The North Bend Public Library will receive a $2,500 grant that will support Title Wave 2011, a community reading project in eight public libraries in Coos County. The selected book this year is The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch and will include free talks by the author in April. A grant of $1,000 to the Newport Public Library will support their community reading program featuring Down in My Heart: Peace Witness in Wartime, the first book published by Oregon author William Stafford. The Library Foundation in Portland will receive a $4,100 grant in support of Teen Read and Hispanic Heritage Month at the Multnomah County Library. Author Matt de la Pena will present free library programs that celebrate Hispanic culture and explore the themes in his books. For more information about Oregon Humanities Public Program Grants, visit their website<http://www.oregonhumanities.org/programs/section/grants/>.


In 2009, the Pendleton Public Library was one of only nine public libraries in the U.S. to be awarded a Public Library Innovations Grant from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). The ICMA received support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to make grants that would demonstrate how libraries, working outside in partnership with other city and county departments, could address community needs in new and innovative ways. Over 500 communities applied for a grant. Pendleton's project, called Wired for Safety, brought together the public library and the police department to focus on a shared mission of creating a safe and productive environment for teens in the community. Results from the project, funded by a $60,000 grant, included the formation of a Teen Board that advises the library and engages with the police department on community issues involving teens. The library and police department collaborated on the National Night Out for Safety program and drew more than 1,000 people to the event. A total of 929 people were directly served by the 43 classes and events held during the grant period. An evaluation report, "Maximize the Potential of Your Public Library<http://icma.org/en/icma/knowledge_network/documents/kn/Document/302161/Maximize_the_Potential_of_Your_Public_Library>," has results from all nine grant projects and an analysis of the lessons learning from the nationwide project.
P.S. (From the State Librarian)

We are excited that our new Governor has a lot of ideas to change the education system in our state, and we are proud to be included in his plans. His goal is to create seamlessness between the providers of education services from birth through graduate school. We have been asked to participate in the Early Learning Council that brings together all the providers and funders of services to preschool children, and to begin, for the first time, to coordinate our efforts. The Governor wants the Early Learning Council to aim to have all Oregon children ready to learn when they enter kindergarten and to have all children reading at the end of the first grade.

Next year, for the first time, passing the state 10th grade reading test, or the equivalent, will be a requirement for high school graduation in Oregon. If you go to the Oregon Department of Education website<http://www.ode.state.or.us/data/schoolanddistrict/testresults/reporting/pagrsurpressed.aspx> you can see the percentage of the Class of 2012 that may not graduate because their reading skills are deficient. You can look up school districts in your communities and see the numbers and percentages of kids at risk of not getting their diplomas. Statewide, 29% of the Class of 2012 did not pass the test in the 10th grade. They can take it again, and undoubtedly schools will make a big effort at remediation, but I expect there will still be lots of disappointment and finger-pointing next year when some of the students don't get their diplomas.

The Governor is right about the fact that the long term solution to having all our students become proficient readers begins at birth. We will be advocating for a bigger role for public libraries and school libraries which research shows can make a huge difference. Our school libraries need to step up their reading promotion activities like Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) to turn more kids on to reading. We need OBOB in every school. Our public libraries need to do more outreach to preschool children who are not coming to the library, and they need to enroll many more children in summer reading. We estimate that about 167,000 children participated in summer reading last year. That sounds like a big number, but actually it only represents about 19% of all children 0-17 in the state. We need to do more.

With Governor Kitzhaber's leadership, and with libraries stepping up their efforts, we might look forward to the day when not so many 10th graders have to sweat the 10th grade reading test, and when all of our students can graduate because they've become good readers. - Jim Scheppke
Contacts at the Oregon State Library

Library Development: 503-378-2525, MaryKay Dahlgreen<mailto:marykay.dahlgreen at state.or.us>, Mary Mayberry<mailto:mary.l.mayberry at state.or.us>, Darci Hanning<mailto:darci.hanning at state.or.us>, Ann Reed<mailto:ann.reed at state.or.us>, Jennifer Maurer<mailto:jennifer.maurer at state.or.us>, Katie Anderson<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us>.

Talking Book and Braille Services: 503-378-5389, Susan Westin<mailto:susan.b.westin at state.or.us>.

Government Research Services: 503-378-5030, Robert Hulshof-Schmidt<mailto:robert.hulshof-schmidt at state.or.us>.

State Librarian: 503-378-4367, Jim Scheppke<mailto:jim.b.scheppke at state.or.us>.

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