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Dear Council members,

As you are aware, Mr. Shatzkin made further clarifications in The Shatzkin
Files about the library-related remarks that appeared in the Montreal Globe
and Mail article. However, it was important to get a response “on the
record.”  I have included it below.

Thanks for alerting us, Barbara.



Roberta Stevens

President, American Library Association

3432 Austin Court

Alexandria, VA 22310

(703) 967-8035

Dear Editor,

In the April 7 article, “Mike Shatzkin in Montreal: Libraries make no sense
in the future," Mr. Shatzkin was quoted as saying that there will no longer
be a need for a [library] building, while acknowledging that the skills of
librarians will continue to be in demand. He is both wrong and right.

Today’s libraries are more than just book depositories.  People are flocking
to them for access to both digital and print resources, for free computer
and social media training, to use the wireless environment, to take
advantage of meeting spaces and to participate in cultural programs and
family literacy events. Contrary to a decline, visits to library buildings
in the U.S. grew to more than 1.5 billion last year and the support for
constructing 21st century libraries has remained strong.

Librarians guide users in accessing and evaluating the enormous array of
information in this increasingly complex digital world. It is no surprise
that Mr. Shatzkin recognizes that the “navigating” skills of librarians are
needed. So do the millions who use their school, public and academic
libraries every day.

Digital formats and the means of delivering content will evolve, but the
need for libraries and librarians will endure.

Roberta Stevens
American Library Association


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