[Libs-Or] help rename L-net - the short list

Caleb Tucker-Raymond calebt at multcolib.org
Mon Dec 5 13:00:25 PST 2011


Back in May we announced we would rename L-net, our statewide
reference service (www.oregonlibraries.net), and asked you, Oregon
library staff, what you thought was important in a name. You said the
name should describe what the service does and that it should
encourage use.

We got similar feedback from patrons and contracted with a
"crowdsourcing" website, CrowdSpring.com, to generate possible names.
We received over 1,400 entries and have narrowed the field to a short
list of 11.

Please help us by telling us which ones you think will help us
describe the service to patrons and encourage use of the service. If
that task seems daunting, just say which ones you like.

Our survey is at www.oregonlibraries.net/rename

We'll collect similar feedback from patrons.

The short list of names, together with some of what we think they
convey to patrons is:

Answer Cafe - a place you meet friendly people and get answers
Answerland - our original name and still a possibility - the place
where all the answers are
AnswerWell - we answer well, and it is a well of answers
AnswersOnCall - Answers, from people who are ready
Ask the Librarians - That old standard
Hello Library - Start a friendly (or formal) conversation with the library
InstaHelp - Help, right here, right now
Just Ask - It's casual, no big deal, ask a question
Mybrarian - Your personal librarian
My Library Live - Your personal library, with a someone helping you
Pop a Question - take action and ask, it's fun!

Thanks for your help!

Caleb Tucker-Raymond

Statewide Reference Service Coordinator
Multnomah County Library
(503) 988-5438
calebt at multco.us

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