[Libs-Or] Taking sides: clashing views x2?

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Thu Dec 22 10:16:17 PST 2011

Does anyone else seem to have "issue" with this?

We have standing orders to multiple Taking Sides titles. Usually we biennially receive new editions, but what has been happening is now they release a newer version of the edition they just published and call it an "expanded" version with "new articles." So, I feel like we're getting charged twice for something that we really only afford to purchase once. 

we use Baker and Taylor for our continuations.

Does anyone else purchase Taking Sides for their libraries? And have you noticed this double version? And what have you done to remedy this?

I know this is not the most convenient time to send out this inquiry since we're gone for the next 10 days and so are many of you...thank you for any response...

merry merry and hohoho

Mariah Manners 

Tech. Serv. Spec.

Clatsop Community College

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mmanners at clatsopcc.edu
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