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Alan Cordle, PCC Library acordle at pcc.edu
Wed Jan 12 09:35:29 PST 2011

Rather than preying on desperate library school students, Providence should
hire a librarian, experienced in starting a library from scratch.  The paid
librarian could then recruit an intern (preferably paid and/or offered
credit) to assist.

Since when is it "professional" for a librarian not to have a public opinion
on the de-professionalization of librarianship?

Also disappointed,

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 9:15 AM, _____> wrote:

Dear Alan and Donna,

> . . .  I'm very disappointed with your public condemnation of this posting.
> Without background knowledge of the center and its funding, besides what
> you find on the web, it would be far more professional for you to let well
> enough alone. I know many of the library students in the area are interested
> in additional work experience on their resume and this could be a great
> opportunity for them.
> On 1/12/11 8:52 AM, Alan Cordle, PCC Library wrote:
>> "The center houses an endowed chair in applied health care ethics and two
>> endowed lectureships: The Curtis R. Holzgang, M.D., Visiting Scholar and the
>> Goldman-Berland Lectureship in Palliative Care Education."  Instead of
>> dismissively asking for a "volunteer" librarian, the Center should instead
>> consider an Endowed Librarian -- especially since the expectation is to set
>> up a library.
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