[Libs-Or] Regarding the controversial internship

Ana Carreon acarreon at emporia.edu
Fri Jan 14 10:47:31 PST 2011

This is the first thing that I have read on Libs-Or that has really engaged my attention. At first I was not really sure what the issues were, and only lazily scanned the discussion. But now I feel much clearer about the situation, and thank all of you who have participated and contributed to my understanding. As a library student I might have jumped at such an opportunity, but since I live in Ashland almost all of these opportunities don't apply to me.

The fact that there is no mentor in this internship is certainly an important point. Furthermore, it being a medical library adds a layer of complexity onto the situation. Saying that hiring a librarian for this job would be akin to calling the fire dept. to change a light bulb is pretty ridiculous, I think. In fact, after hearing how hard it is for MLS graduates to find work, I would think many of them would jump at the opportunity to make some money and put something on their resume. Considering that it's a small job, the expense would not be huge. And I agree that planting the seed of a new library is a delicate job. I believe this because just shelving books as a student has shown that careless students before me can make a mess of this job and its no wonder people so often can't find the books that they are looking for.

Thanks again, and please do not refrain from engaging in a spirited debate in the future. It certainly livens up my day...


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