[Libs-Or] New Year's Resolution

Pierina Parise pparise at emporia.edu
Wed Jan 19 10:06:21 PST 2011

Looking for a New Year's resolution? Northwest Central can help! 

What?  You haven't heard about Northwest Central?  NWC is the continuing education network for library staff in the Pacific Northwest.  It's free to use and is powered by the library community.  Use it to find events, reading lists, presentations, resources and speakers. 

Resolution ideas: 

*    Commit to learning something new this year. Use Northwest Central to search for educational opportunities.

*    Resolve to share your expertise with others! Get started by signing up as a speaker.  The speakers list includes trainers, presenters, consultants and folks willing to share information informally.

*    Get involved in a learning community - learn how to participate in the Northwest Central community or let others know about your local learning communities.   

Northwest Central thrives because of engagement by the entire library community.  Here are some things you can do to help spread the word and grow this dynamic resource.  

*    Commit to posting 3 events or resources per month to the website. 

*    Ask someone in your community to sign up as a speaker.

*    Volunteer to connect a conference in your area to Northwest Central.  

*    Tell 5 people in your community about Northwest Central and ask them each to tell 5 more people about it. 

Visit Northwest Central today and help spread the word: http://www.nwcentral.org 

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