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I was wondering about the obooks which were delivered through the oral tradition before p or e even happened. Then there are the bc books--before communication when life forms were in mucking around in the primordial soup. Ah, but then I digress . . . 

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so what do you call a 'book" that is written on a scroll? 

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Hi all,

I suppose I should weigh in on this, since Paul and I are the culprits here in the degradation of language. We felt it important to distinguish between p-books (which we pronounced "pee-book," FWIW) and e-books for a few reasons:
We view "book" to have a somewhat broader definition that doesn't necessarily entail a particular format. Instead, we see it as meaning a sustained instance of argument or storytelling that is recorded in fixed written form, thus distinguishing it from terms like "article." Thus, it defines it type of information delivery system broadly that is not necessarily connected to a particular analog or digital form. Esoteric, yes, but that was our operating principle. 
Given #1, we saw our primary purpose as reviewing the cost of preserving the ideas and concepts, not necessarily the particular physical or electronic objects in question. Here is where the format does matter, so we felt the need to distinguish. 
We found ourselves getting confused between formats while discussing and writing this piece, so it helped us keep things straight. 
We wanted to emphasize that that p-books require physical space, accounting for the vast majority of their storage cost. 
It got your attention, didn't it?
But seriously, thanks to Hope for her kind words. I hope that some of you find this bit of library economics esoterica interesting.

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On 01/19/2011 12:22 PM, Laurisa Stubblefield wrote: 

"...print books (hereafter referred to as pbooks when it is important to distinguish them from electronic books, or ebooks)."

No need for a new word!  "A book" (analogue book) is a book is a book, as it were.  As in "would you like a book or an ebook?"  It's the format against which the new forms must be distinguished (hence "ebook" and whatever comes next), not the other way around.



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