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Call for Manuscripts 

are invited to submit manuscripts to the award-winning Oregon English
Journal* for its Spring 2011 issue. 

Uses for Technology in Schools" 

world of technology is exploding all around us, requiring new learning
constantly. How are teachers to keep up with and navigate the continuous
changes? Are the technologies even worth the money? And how does school-based
literacy shift as new technologies are introduced? 

Should we be teaching new skills of media consumerism? In an era where the
individual has ready access to overwhelming amounts of information, how do we
help students be discriminating media consumers? What skills of critical
thinking and selecting do they need to have? How do they separate useful
information from scurrilous indoctrination, data from propaganda, truth from
falsehood? How can we help them cultivate what Ernest Hemingway called a
“built-in crap detector?”

In this issue, the Oregon English Journal explores the pros and cons. Consider
submitting your ideas along any of our questions. 

are we adjusting our teaching to today’s media-rich society? How are you
teaching critical media skills? 

….In what new ways are you using technology? 

....How can we harness students’ interests in modern media advances? 

....How are elementary teachers changing the way they teach reading and

....Which technologies are you using for teaching the basics? 

....Have media centers replaced libraries? What are virtual libraries? Is the
age of the page gone? 

....Will electronic text media like the Kindle replace books, and what are the
implications for teachers and librarians? 

....Is the daily newspaper a dead medium, and what are the implications for
journalism and reading teachers? 

....Technology can help affirm what students already bring to the classroom.
Can we let students take the lead in teaching teachers media savviness? 

....Are media studies another add-on to the curriculum, or how can we integrate
them into existing studies? 

....What are the pros and cons of online teaching in language arts? What do we
know about its effectiveness and teacher time management? 

....What are the advantages and pitfalls of researching using the internet? 

....How can we use social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and others
for healthy educational purposes? 

.... How can we use podcasts, blogs, listservs, and other communications media?
What electronic methods and services have you found useful in promoting student
interaction about school topics? 

....Who will sort out passing fads from the real thing? 

deadline:  February 1, 2011.

suggest submissions of 1500-2000 words. Submit both an electronic copy in Word
Doc format to the e-mail below, and two hard copies (with no author
identification on them) double-spaced and titled to the address below. Please
use a cover sheet for your name, address, e-mail, and a brief biographical
sketch (2-3 sentences).


Ulrich H. Hardt, Editor

Portland State University--GSE

PO Box 751

Portland, Oregon 97207-0751

hardtu @ pdx.edu 

1988, 22 issues of the OEJ have been selected by NCTE for national
promotion and distribution.

Ulrich mentioned to me that they are not super-tight about the Feb 1 deadline. Tony Greiner

**tony_greiner at hotmail.com**

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