[Libs-Or] Looking for policy ideas - Gifts - Artwork

Robin Puccetti robinp at ccrls.org
Mon Jan 24 15:29:56 PST 2011

We are working on our policy manual, and one of the areas that we have not
addressed is gifts other than books, for use at the library. We are lucky
enough to have access to a Community Foundation that can accept things like
stocks and property on our behalf, but what we run into most often is "art,"
whether it is great local art, or treasures from family members who don't
really want Aunt Susie's amateur watercolors or sculptures but who think
that we really need them.  Currently, we have no mechanism for accepting the
great stuff, while gently declining the rest.  Does anyone out there have a
good policy that they would be willing to share?  

Many Thanks

Robin Puccetti

Independence Public Library

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