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Letter to Libraries Online

An Electronic Newsletter from the Oregon State Library

Volume 21, Issue 7, July 2011

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Library Board News

Recruitment Process for New State Librarian Underway

[Librarian]On June 17th, the State Library Board approved a plan to recruit a new Oregon State Librarian by this fall. Following the Board meeting, the job announcement<http://agency.governmentjobs.com/oregon/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=305048&hit_count=yes&headerFooter=1&promo=0&transfer=0&WDDXJobSearchParams=%3cwddxPacket%20version='1.0'%3e%3cheader/%3e%3cdata%3e%3cstruct%3e%3cvar%20name='FIND_KEYWO> was posted by the Department of Administrative Services. The deadline for applications will be August 15, 2011. The Board will convene a screening panel in August to help the Board select finalists for the position shortly thereafter. The recruitment if being led by Twyla Lawson, an executive recruitment specialist with the Oregon Department of Administrative Services.

Board Elects New Officers for 2011-12

At their meeting at the Josephine County Library in Grants Pass on June 17th, the State Library Board elected Sam Hall of Salem to chair the Board, beginning in July. Hall was appointed to the Board by Governor Ted Kulongoski in 2008. He is retired from the faculty at Willamette University where he chaired the Mathematics Department and served as Vice-President for Academic Affairs. He has had a long involvement with the Salem Public Library, serving on their advisory board for a decade, and he is currently on their Foundation Board. The Board also elected Aletha Bonebrake of Baker City to serve as Vice-Chair of the Board in 2011-12. Bonebrake was appointed to the Board by Governor Kulongoski in 2010. Before her retirement, Bonebrake was the director of the Baker County Library District for 22 years. She is also a past-president of the Oregon Library Association and presently serves on the City Council in Baker City.

State Library Board Approves Plan to Spend Extra LSTA Funds

The State Library Board, at their June meeting in Grants Pass, approved the recommendations of the LSTA Advisory Council to spend excess FFY 2010 LSTA funds. Because of savings on statewide databases and other savings, the Library has unspent LSTA funds that have to be spent by September 30th of this year. The Board approved a plan to invest additional LSTA funds in the Oregon Digital Newspaper Project at the University of Oregon Libraries, the Reading for Healthy Families project, and, if there are still unspent funds, in the Oregon Digital Library Consortium's Library2Go. The Board also approved the Council's recommendation to renew the contract with Gale Cengage Learning for three additional years, through August of 2014. The Council's recommendation was based on a recommendation of the Statewide Database Licensing Advisory Council. Gale has agreed to add two new databases to the package and to freeze the cost of the service for three additional years. The Board also accepted the Council's recommendation to invite 18 libraries and other organizations to submit full LSTA grant applications for consideration at their October meeting. In other Board business, the Board approved a plan recommended by the Talking Book and Braille Services Advisory Council to spend donation funds in the next fiscal year. For the first time, TBABS will need to use donation funds to support the core TBABS program due to budget cuts in the General Fund budget approved by the Legislature for 2011-13.

Governor Signs State Library Appropriations Bill

[State Capitol]On June 14th, Governor Kitzhaber signed SB 5521, the appropriations bill for the State Library in 2011-13. The bill passed both chambers of the Legislature earlier in June with only one dissenting vote in the House. The $13.97 million appropriation is down 7% from the appropriation for the 2009-11 biennium. One vacant staff position was eliminated. The Ready to Read Grant program was cut 3% from the budget for 2009-11, about $35,000. Funding will be at 78 cents per child per year in 2011-13. A budget note calls for the Governor, the Secretary of State and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to form a work group in the remainder of 2011 to look at creating greater efficiencies in library and archives services in state government and report to the 2012 session of the Legislature that will convene in February.
State Library News

Elke Bruton Elected KLAS Users' Group President

[KLAS Logo]Elke Bruton, the Public Services Librarian for Talking Book and Braille Services has been elected by the Keystone Library Automated System (KLAS) Users' Group to serve as the group's president for the 2011-13 term. The KLAS database system is the most widely used collection and patron management software for libraries for the blind and physically handicapped (LBPH), serving 85 libraries across the United States. The role of the Users' Group is to collaborate with Keystone Systems to determine regular software changes to improve the way LBPH libraries serve print-disabled patrons. Bruton joined the Users' Group in 2008 when she attended her first conference as a new LBPH librarian. In the last four years, Elke has demonstrated leadership within the KLAS community by implementing and sharing unique uses for the database's functions, presenting at the Users' Group yearly conference, and chairing the program committee in 2011.

2011-2012 Ready to Read Grant Applications Now Available

Ready to Read Grant application packets were mailed June 20-22, 2011. Library Directors and Children's Librarians should now have the packets which contain the application, list of proposed grants, and answers to frequently asked questions about the Ready to Read Grant program. The application is also available on the State Library website<http://oregon.gov/OSL/LD/youthsvcs/aboutready.shtml> to download, complete, and mail. Applications must be postmarked August 31, 2011 to qualify for the grant. The Ready to Read Grant program will be funded at 78¢ per child this year. This is down from where we started 2009-11 at 94¢ per child, but up from the 68¢ per child funding last year (after two rounds of budget cuts). Libraries that don't receive the minimum grant of $1,000 should see an increase of approximately 16% in their grant this December compared to the grant they received in December 2010.For more information contact Katie Anderson<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us> (503-378-2528).

International Librarians Visit Oregon State Library

[World Affairs Logo]On June 20th, seven distinguished international librarians participating in a U.S. State Department sponsored professional development program, the International Visitor Leadership Program, visited the Oregon State Library. The World Affairs Council of Oregon<http://www.worldoregon.org/> coordinated the Oregon portion of their multi-state visit. Our guests were provided with a tour and presentations from staff representing Government Research Services, Library Development and Talking Book and Braille Services. The guests posed many questions and were interested in the role of the State Library within the library community. The librarians were from Bulgaria, Egypt, Jamaica, Laos, Lesotho, Maldives, and Turkey.
Other Library News

95% of Oregonians Will Be Able to Download Library E-Books and Audiobooks

With the addition of a number of libraries to the Oregon Library Digital Consortium for 2011-12, 95% of Oregonians with a public library card will be able to download e-books and audiobooks using Library2Go<http://library2go.lib.overdrive.com/45D98EE7-BBB2-4F85-AA3B-09FFE4898DDB/10/397/en/Default.htm>. The biggest expansion will occur in Eastern Oregon where Libraries of Eastern Oregon is assisting a number of small libraries to become members of ODLC under the LEO Listens program. On the Western side of the state, the Scappoose Public Library and the Chetco Community Public Library are joining the ODLC for the first time. This will leave only 12 public libraries in the state that are not providing downloadable audiobooks and e-books to their patrons. The ODLC was founded only six years ago in 2005, so the growth has been phenomenal. "Downloadable e-books and audiobooks are going to be the most popular formats before too long," said State Librarian Jim Scheppke. "So it's gratifying to see how Oregon public libraries have not hesitated to get in the game, and how they've worked together to provide this new service."

Library Bills Time Out in Oregon Legislature

The 2011 Legislative Assembly will not be remembered as a particularly productive one for libraries. At press time two important bills were presumed dead. HB 2649, sponsored by Representative Peter Buckley at the request of the Oregon Library Association would have created a legislative task force to look for solutions to the disinvestment that is taking place in Oregon school libraries. The bill got a hearing early in the session but failed to advance any further. Another bill, SB 111, introduced by Governor Kitzhaber on behalf of the State Library Board, would have funded the NEWSLINE audio newspaper service for blind Oregonians with funds from the Public Utility Commission, similar to the funding that supports NEWSLINE in other states. The bill made it to the Ways and Means Committee but did not get a hearing there.

County Law Library Bills Pass

[OR Judicial Department Logo]At press time, it appears that two bills dealing with county law libraries in Oregon will pass in the Legislative Assembly this year. HB 2367 has already passed and has been signed by Governor Kitzhaber. It was sponsored by Representative Nancy Nathanson and supported by the Oregon Library Association. It will give counties more flexibility in contracting out county law library services. It will also require the Oregon Judicial Department to conduct a biennial statistical survey of county law libraries. Another more controversial bill affecting county law libraries was HB 2710. It would have ended dedicated funding for county law libraries from court filing fees and given more discretion to county officials in funding county law libraries, or not. Near the end of the session county law library funding was removed entirely from HB 2710 and added to HB 2712 which concerns the distribution of criminal fines to fund various aspects of the legal system in the state. Then it was moved again to HB 5056, with the funding coming once again from filing fees. If HB 5056 is passed and signed by the Governor, $7.4 million from this funding source will be used to fund county law libraries in the 2011-13 biennium. The funds will be distributed to counties by the Chief Justice of the State Court and must be used to fund county law libraries. Some observers hope that having the Judicial Department in charge of distributing the funds may eventually lead to a more coordinated and equalized system of county law library services in all 36 Oregon counties. A report that library consultant Ruth Metz delivered to a consortium of county law librarians last year was critical of the lack of adequate county law library services throughout Oregon.
P.S. (From the State Librarian)

[Jim Scheppke]I love provocation. I have tried to be provocative myself from time to time in this space. Everyone, even librarians, needs to have their fixed ideas poked at from time to time. We are always in need of new ideas that we may not have thought about before.

That's why I was excited to hear about a group of librarians calling themselves the Taiga Forum<http://www.taiga-forum.org/> who have come up with a list of ten "provocative statements" for academic librarians to think about. This is actually the third set of such statements that the group (made up of assistant university library directors from academic libraries throughout the U.S.) has come up with. I missed the first two, but I happened on the latest one that was issued in May.

They preface the list with an important point - that the statements are not to be taken as predictions of the future. Their purpose is to "provoke conversation" when librarians are engaged in planning the medium-term future of academic libraries.

I don't have room here to give you all ten provocative statements<http://taigaforumprovocativestatements.blogspot.com/>, but here are my favorites...

2. "Radical cooperation... jointly-owned collections, deep outsourcing [!?], shared staffing, and shared services."

4. "Books as décor...students and faculty...will continue to idealize the library as a sacred place to commune with books...libraries will respond by flipping their stacks into designer reading rooms..."

5. "No more collection building...information needs will be met through on-demand purchasing..."

7. "Staff reallocation, elimination, and retraining...unsuccessful libraries will have failed to root out resistance to change, driving out their best and brightest."

8. "Library in the cloud...all library collections, systems, and services will be driven into the cloud."

Yup, these are conversation starters alright. I think they are wonderful. Can we get a Taiga Forum going for public libraries and school libraries please? - Jim Scheppke.

Oregon State Library

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