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“Learning Commons Specialist?  ( jobs.mhcc.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=51779 )

  When I read the position description for these staff jobs at MHCC I 
was struck with how much they sounded like librarian positions. Phrases 

·* “Designs and implements customized learning assistance for 
individuals and groups in information literacy…”,
*" Develops curriculum and conducts workshops focused on various 
learning strategies in support of information literacy…”,
* “Promotes integration of learning strategies and approaches throughout 
the curriculum through regular contact with faculty and staff across the 
* “Serves on campus committees and work groups focusing on student 
retention, learner success, instructional support and/or related topics.”
*“Refers students with non-academic needs to other campus resources.”

It reminds me of reference, instruction, and committee work that faculty 
librarians do all the time. In fact it reminds me of my job at PSU and 
the job the three faculty librarians were already doing at MHCC before 
they were all laid off. Seems like a sad day and a big step backwards 
for librarianship in Oregon.

Bob Schroeder


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