[Libs-Or] Get involved! OLA Quarterly Coordinator and Hotline Editor Positions

april witteveen aprilw at dpls.lib.or.us
Mon Jul 11 09:06:20 PDT 2011

Are you looking for a fun way to get involved with OLA?  Do you like seeing your name in print?  If so, read on..

I will be handing off the baton of the OLA Hotline editorship, as is Diane Sotak with the OLA-Q coordinator position; the Communication Committee, which oversees these publications, is also looking to fill the OLA-Q Advertising Coordinator position.

Ideally, we'd fill the openings in the next couple of weeks so that the necessary training can take place and the new coordinators and editor are ready to roll for the next OLA year, which begins September 1.

Full position descriptions are below; feel free to contact me or Diane with any questions.

April Witteveen: aprilw at deschuteslibrary.org<mailto:aprilw at deschuteslibrary.org> or olahotline at olaweb.org<mailto:olahotline at olaweb.org>
Diane Sotak: sotak at up.edu<mailto:sotak at up.edu>

OLA Hotline Editor

Oversee biweekly publication of the OLA Hotline, the Association's electronically delivered newsletter.  Duties include:

*         Contacting the OLA Board prior to each issue to collect news items for the OLA Hotline

*         Review Libs-OR and other library-related publications to collect items of interest for the OLA Hotline

*         Create the newsletter according to an established template (requires a word processing program that will convert a document to a PDF file)

*         Distribute the newsletter on the 1st and 15th of each month via MemberClicks

*         Post the Hotline to the OLA Hotline Blog hosted by Word Press using an established template (requires some basic HTML coding)

*         Update MemberClicks Hotline Archive

*         Serve as a member of the OLA Communications Committee

OLA Quarterly Coordinator

Oversee and coordinate the publication of the OLA Quarterly. This theme-based publication has four issues per year. Duties include:

*         In consultation with the Communications Committee, identifying guest editor(s) for each issue and approving their proposed theme. In some cases a theme might be identified and guest editors solicited for it.

*         Supporting and mentoring guest editors through the process of finding authors, editing content, and meeting deadlines. More details are here:  http://web.memberclicks.com/mc/page.do?sitePageId=64569&orgId=ola

*         Coordinating with designer, who handles the layout and produces final PDF.

*         Responsible for posting PDF to OLA website and announcing its availability to members using the OLA MemberClicks list.

*         Serve as a member of the OLA Communications Committee.

Advertising Coordinator
Manage advertising for OLA publications. Duties include:

*         Periodic outreach to advertisers for OLA Quarterly ad space. (Note: OLA might want to explore expanding advertising opportunities to include other OLA publications, such as OLA Hotline, conference program, website, etc.)

*         Coordinating with OLAQ designer for running ads in OLAQ. In some cases guest editors might be in contact to get help identifying advertisers that might fit with their theme. More information about ad sizes and rates here: http://web.memberclicks.com/mc/page.do?sitePageId=64571&orgId=ola

*         Makes sure ad payments are received and submitted to OLA Association Manager.

*         Serve as a member of the OLA Communications Committee.

April Witteveen
Community Librarian
Deschutes Public Library
aprilw at deschuteslibrary.org<mailto:aprilw at deschuteslibrary.org>
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