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Good day all, and apologies for any cross posting.

The following are the live, online classes which will be brought to you in August by LYRASIS. For class times, fees and other information (including links to registration), please visit http://www.lyrasis.org/Classes-and-Events/Search.aspx to search for any of the below or for another class of interest to you. Class start and end times on the LYRASIS web site are listed in Eastern Time. 

We realize that classes beginning at 10 am Eastern Time may be a bit too early for those on the west coast, and we attempt to schedule each class at varying time slots throughout the year.  If there's an early morning class in which you are particularly interested, and which you'd like to see in the future scheduled later in the day, please let Linda Gonzalez (linda.gonzalez at lyrasis.org) know.

Please keep an eye out for our weekly discount codes as part of our educational stimulus program and save when you register for certain classes.

LYRASIS Preservation classes are funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Division of Preservation and Access. 

Understanding FRBR for RDA and Beyond     
8/02/11 - 8/03/11  
RDA: On the Road to Implementation    
Introducing RDA: 1, Structure, Principles and Core Elements     
Web Tools for Reference Librarians: Widgets and Toolbars     
8/10/11 - 8/11/11
Mass Digitization Collaborative Information Session     
Gifts: Unwrapping the Process for the Library     
Dream Services for Nightmare Patrons     
Volunteer Management: Selecting, Screening and Training      
Basics of Authority Work and Authority Records     
Hurricane Preparedness     
8/16/11 - 8/30/11
Introducing RDA: 3, Access Points in Bibliographic Records      
8/17/11 - 8/18/11    
Emergency 911: Decision Making for Managers     
Volunteer Management: Delegating, Retaining and Rewarding      
Establishing Emergency Response Networks for Cultural Collections      
Developing a Disaster Plan      
8/18/11 - 9/01/11
Introduction to Audio-Visual Cataloging     
Mass Digitization Collaborative Information Session     
Open Access Scholarly Publications: An Overview      
Introducing RDA: 2, Resource Description     
8/30/11 - 8/31/11
When Do I Need a New Record for a Book?      
8/31/11 - 9/01/11
Thank you for your time in reading.

Best regards,

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