[Libs-Or] Another L-net training in Portland

Emily Papagni emilyp at multcolib.org
Mon Jul 25 15:08:37 PDT 2011


There was a lot of interest in the August 15 training so I've scheduled
another Portland training for Thursday, September 8.

Introductory training on L-net, Oregon's Statewide Digital Reference
Service, is scheduled for:

Thursday, September 8, 9:00 - 4:00

PCC Sylvania Campus Library, Room 212

12000 Southwest 49th Avenue

Portland, OR 97219-7132

L-net is Oregon's statewide virtual reference service -

This training is for librarians who plan to take shifts staffing L-net's
chat, e-mail, and texting service. Librarians will receive hands-on
trainingwith L-net’s software and instruction on techniques for
effectively online with patrons and providing reference service online.

There are two ways to staff L-net:

1 - Partner libraries: Reference staff at Oregon libraries may staff the
service as partner libraries. Librarians who do so staff the service at
their libraries.

2 - Volunteers: If you’ve completed a Reference class in the past 10 years
from an ALA-accredited college or university or if you have experience
providing reference services in a library, you may apply to be a volunteer.
Volunteers typically staff the service from home computers. If you would
like to participate in the volunteer program, contact me for information
about how to apply to be a volunteer.

Also, all Oregon libraries are welcome to use L-net software to serve their
local communities.  Staffing our statewide service is not required.  To
provide chat, texting, or email service to your community, please contact me
for information and to schedule your training.

The training is free, but space at the September 8 training is limited and
advance registration is required. If you would like to attend, contact me
and let me know if you would like to staff L-net at a partner library or as
a volunteer.

Emily Papagni, emilyp at multcolib.org

*Registration for this training will close on **Friday, September 2**.*

If you’re interested in the training, but unable to attend on this date,
please contact me. I'm continuing to schedule additional trainings around
the state.

Emily Papagni

L-net Partner Support Librarian

Multnomah County Library

Phone: 503.988.5433

emilyp at multcolib.org

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