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Below you'll find the text from the email many received from Midwest Tape in the last couple of days regarding Warner Home Video's marketing change regarding rental vs retail versions of their DVD & Blu-Ray releases.  Although I understand (but don't really like) the business decision behind the 28 days time difference, I'm concerned that this is requiring public libraries to buy rental versions only.  Many of us don't purchase from library vendors per se.  We will often buy from the local Fred Meyer's.  Can we do that any more?  Can we accept donations of non-rental versions?  If we can purchase the home/retail version, must we wait the 28 days to circulate them?

K'Lyn Hann

Teen & Technology Librarian
Newberg Public Library
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We have recently learned that Warner Home Video will no longer distribute theatrical releases to libraries or home video rental stores until 28 days after they release the movies for sale at retailers. This Warner Home Video policy applies to all public libraries and video rental outlets such as Redbox, Netflix, and Blockbuster.

In addition to being released 28 days after the retail version, Warner's rental version DVDs and Blu-rays will not contain bonus features or extras. However, we understand that there will be a significant price reduction for these products, apparently amounting to an average $4 per DVD title and $8 per Blu-ray title.

Warner Home Video has announced that it may seek to enforce its new policy by auditing its distribution partners' sales. Additionally, Warner may require retailers, like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, to limit the number of copies of a new release that may be sold to a single customer.

Please note that Warner's new policy will only impact titles that have a theatrical release, perhaps amounting to about 12 titles per year. Non-theatrical Warner releases will not be affected by this policy.

Below are the first three Warner theatrical titles affected. Note that Warner's rental versions will feature rental artwork. [Crazy Stupid Love / Rental release date: 11/28/11 ; HP7 pt2 / Retnal release date 12.09.11 ; The Hangover part II / Rental release date: 01.03.12]

If your library had any of these titles on order previously, Midwest Tape will modify the order and adjust the pricing accordingly. If you do not wish to receive rental versions of these titles, please contact Customer Service at 1.800.875.2785 to cancel your order.

While we recognize this is Warner Home Video's policy, feel free to contact us at 1.800.875.2785 or info at midwesttapes.com<mailto:info at midwesttapes.com?subject=Question%2FConcern%20Regarding%20New%20Warner%20Home%20Video%20Policy> with any questions or concerns regarding this matter.

Thank you,

Midwest Tape

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