[Libs-Or] FYI - OccupyPortland has a library!

Betsy Summers bsummer4 at emporia.edu
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I love librarians!

Betsy Summers
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>>> "Laura Orr" <Laura_Orr at co.washington.or.us> 10/12/11 3:31 PM >>>
I too visited their Library yesterday.
They could use some of those large plastic storage bins to keep books
dry and thumb drives since they don't have reliable internet access.
Also, one of their Library leaders is trying to archive the written
record of Occupy Portland.  He could use some assistance.
Most of us are probably prohibited from using our work email to discuss
the Occupy x Libraries, or would just prefer not to.  Is there an
off-the-grid librarian website or listserve already set up where Oregon
library workers can converse about OP (and O-Salem and others?)  Radical
Reference? Other?  Has someone already set one up?  A blog, a website, a
listserve, etc.?
Laura Orr


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	I visited OccupyPortland today - on my lunch hour from jury duty
- and they have a library of books and documents! They are also
conducting workshops [anyone can, I'm doing one Sat on the federal
income tax].

	I'm sure they would appreciate any support for the library. 


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