[Libs-Or] Thanks for all the help with Request for help with Google weirdness

Emily Miller-Francisco millere at sou.edu
Fri Oct 28 12:43:13 PDT 2011

Also, if you haven't heard, Google doesn't let you use the + sign anymore to
require words. That was a handy feature. Putting single words in quotes
seems to still work.


On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 10:59 AM, Hope Leman <hleman at samhealth.org> wrote:

> Hi, all. Whoa--are you guys helpful or what? I got so many responses to my
> request for help with request for help with Google weirdness. Are you
> knowledgeable and quick to help a colleague or what!?
> I will try to write up a summary of the responses I got in a few days. For
> now, though, I was given three immediately useful suggestions.
> #1 Clicking on the gear icon at the righthand top of the Google page
> displays a link to the advanced features page.
> #2 Do a search and the advanced features choice appears at the bottom (one
> person also said on the left of the page, but I am still reading through all
> the answers)
> #3 Several people provided a link to the page I needed itself
> http://www.google.com/advanced_search
> Anyway, that is the gist of the plethora of answers so far and the theory
> is that Google wants to catered to basic searchers and not to skillful ones,
> so is dumbing down the homepage.
> I have so many thank-you notes to write now and will try to provide a
> summary.
> I am very grateful. Sometimes, you have to just admit in public that you
> need help and the heck with ego!
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