[Libs-Or] Got a simple software project you need some free help on? Call for Submissions for OSU's Career Preparation and Software Engineering Capstone Project

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Mon Sep 12 13:54:19 PDT 2011

Hi, all. Just passing along an item of possible interest from an Oregon State University professor. It is interesting to see the library and information science submissions that have been made:


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Here is the announcement

Colleagues --

It's only 2 weeks until classes start!
If you're interested in getting a CS Capstone project proposal in, now's the time.

Our CS Capstone class is a 3-quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring) "career preparation" experience.  The major element of this is doing a significant 2-4 member team project.

When the students come to the first class on September 27, I want to present them with a list of exciting, creative, and real-experience software engineering project possibilities.  This is where you come in.
I am looking for people to propose possible projects.

A web site has been setup to give you more information, and let you enter and edit project proposals:


You have until September 26 to get yours in.  That is the day before the students will see them, which will start the selection process.
In that process, I ask the students to "bid" on their top 5 choices.
I ultimately make the final project assignments, but I try to take their preferences into account.  I find I get better results that way.

After projects have been selected, we follow a client-contractor model in which I "run" the software contract company and you are one of our valued clients.
The students "report" to me, but you, as client, work directly with them to design the requirements, set the timeline, and guide the progress.
Each quarter, you also assign 20% of their grade points.

Any project can be proposed from anybody.  It doesn't matter where you are from, just that your project represents an excellent software engineering educational experience for the students.

Do remember, however, that these are seniors. They have taken the core classes so far, but most have not taken the electives that would really help in some projects, such as graphics, AI, etc.  They can learn, but it takes a little time.
Keep that in mind when proposing.

If you have questions or want to discuss project possibilities, feel free to contact me at:

        Mike Bailey
        Professor, Computer Science
        Oregon State University
        2117 Kelley Engineering Center
        mjb at cs.oregonstate.edu

Thanks for your time -- I look forward to working with you!

                        -- Mike Bailey

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