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Last year, Educational Solutions, a Klamath Falls OR nonprofit, offered libraries in Oregon a free DVD on the Klamath Basin water crisis. This year, Educational Solutions has two DVDs on research projects to save salmon to offer at no cost to Oregon libraries. If you would like to receive one or both of these DVDs, please send an email to jeannette.wessel at oit.edu<mailto:jeannette.wessel at oit.edu> specifying the number of copies needed and your complete contact information. The DVDs will be sent via the courier whenever possible.

Educational Solutions, a Klamath Falls OR nonprofit, has made two documentaries showing how Oregon scientists and their students, combining cutting-edge genetics and ecology, are working to save salmon.  These colorful videos demonstrate science in action - what it takes to solve problems of declining salmon populations in the Pacific North West.

The documentaries were part of a spring 2011 six-high school project "Learning Genetics to Save Salmon." Student comments are below.  The project was funded by the Gordon Elwood and Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundations and the videos will be shown on PBS this coming year.

                Klamath Union High School Student: "I am more interested in science                 because it showed that we can help change the world for the better."

The Klamath River Basin of Oregon and California became famous for conflict.  Farmers and ranchers compete with Native Americans, commercial salmon fishermen, and conservationists over scarce water: "farms vs. fish."   Since the 2002 salmon die-off of some 70,000 spawning salmon in the lower Klamath River and the 2006 closure of ocean salmon fishing due to weak Klamath salmon runs, two research projects based at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and Oregon State University have made important progress in saving salmon.  But, as the videos demonstrate, there is work to be done.

                Hoopa Valley High School Student:  "Science provides answers whereas             arguing with emotions does not."

"Sustaining Salmon:  Fishermen, Scientists and Project CROOS"
The Project CROOS team of scientists and fishermen, passionate about their cause, has the goal of sustaining both salmon and the salmon fishing industry.  They cooperate to use genetics and ocean variables to protect ocean salmon populations of low numbers and provide fishermen access to abundant stocks.  The systems under development have relevance to world fisheries.

                Bandon High School Student:  (I liked) the DNA (process) . . . that happens         in all living organisms, including me."

"Saving Salmon:  Bringing C. shasta Back into Balance"
C. shasta is a lethal salmon parasite that infects some 80% of out-migrating juvenile salmon in the Klamath River.  OSU Associate Professor Jerri Bartholomew and her engaging graduate students have made surprising discoveries about this parasite.  They are combining advanced genetics with river ecology and hydrology studies with the goal of increasing salmon numbers.  Their work with the warm Klamath River may have relevance to other Oregon Rivers as the climate warms.

                Henley High (Klamath Falls) School Student:  "I didn't know the parasite is        one of the main salmon problems.  After hearing about salmon for years, I                 never knew."

By return email, please state how many copies of each video you wish.  Please include your full contact information:

Library (If K-12, please indicate level)

Phone number

Videos will be distributed in October 2011.

High school science teachers will be able to access the curriculum, "Learning Genetics to Save Salmon," that accompanies the two videos, on the Educational Solutions Website (www.educationalsolutions.org)

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