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Laura Orr Laura_Orr at co.washington.or.us
Fri Sep 30 11:02:33 PDT 2011

Please let me, or your county law library manager, know if you plan to
weed any of your legal research finding tools or statutory sets, e.g.
1) Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), pre-1953
2) Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), 2009.   Older editions have value in
their volume 17, which is where the Oregon Constitution is.  I usually
just rip it out of the volume and save it for patrons who are thrilled
to have it, even if it's not completely up to date.  I also save those
OR Constitutions to give to Classroom Law Project students (future
lawyers :-)
3) Oregon Revised Statutes Annotated (ORSA) (preferably updated since
2006, but I have found worthy and grateful recipients for earlier
editions - this Thomson-West set came out in 2003 - there is an earlier
Lexis-Butterworths "ORSA" edition that came out much earlier - those are
treasured too by a few attorneys.)
4) Oregon Digest 2d (let us know the date of latest pocket part (this is
a paper supplement that fits into a pocket at the back of each volume -
issued annually, though individual volumes are also updated out of that
5) U.S. Reports (official, GPO)
6) There are some legal monographs that might be worth rescuing, too.
I have either grateful recipients (usually legal service nonprofits, or
new, solo practice lawyers who live on the edge while doing a lot of
volunteer, pro bono, consumer, and low-cost legal service work) or I can
use them in our scanning projects (at least until the money runs out -
but even then, we'll at least have complete sets for those who will be
scanning these materials in the future).
If you're not sure if the weeded item will be of any value to anyone,
please don't hesitate contacting your county's law library manager or me
- or both.  We all talk to one another on our listserve and in fact,
offer these sets to each other before offering them out to the nonprofit
or legal education community.
The OCCLL website has a list of county law libraries:
My Law Library's website has a guide on How to Dispose of Used Law
(We also have some public librarian resources:
Thank you - and to those librarians who have already contacted me!
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