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Rebecca ROTH rebeccar at multco.us
Wed Apr 25 17:10:31 PDT 2012

Hello fellow Oregonians -

I've been working steadily on behind-the-scenes things with the SSD blog,
and it is sure slow going which is why there has been a dearth of updates.
 However!  I would now like to offer everyone the option to subscribe to
our blog by email.  I hope this is useful feature for you all and please
let me know how it works for you (or if it doesn't).  Would a digest
version be useful?  You can find the subscription box on the right side of
the screen below our logo.

On to the highlights...

Fix-It Fridays: In case you missed Carolee's reminder, she wrote up an
incredibly helpful post on how to cut straight lines that works for any
occupation, not just book mending.

Join the conversation on the logistics of moving libraries:

"Associates" is a web journal by and for library support staff around the
world. It's easy to subscribe and only comes out three times a year, and
Valley Library in Corvallis was featured in the Library Design Showcase
2012. Congrats!

Weeding gone crazy.  We've all been there, am I right?  And some late

The modern library.  How does it stack up against yours? As a library
support staff worker, I always want to see more details in design
presentation about where the work will actually get done.  See if you can
interpret these floor plans better than I can:

April Fool's hijinkery. Yes, that's a word *now*.  And PEEPS!

Don't see what you want on the blog?  Are we missing a topic that's
pertinent to your work in the library world?  Please feel free to contact
me at rebeccar at multco.us, reply to this email (be careful of the dreaded
"reply all"), or comment at the blog.

Thanks for reading!

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