[Libs-Or] Stack Range labels

Mann, Caroline mann at up.edu
Thu Dec 13 08:44:16 PST 2012

Our library is undergoing an extensive remodel and we're discussing what sort of stack range labels to use. We know they will be flat against the end panels but haven't decided things like:

*         The exact size of the label

*         Whether the 2 labels for each side of the stack range would be separated in some way (framed separately) or not

I'm curious about approaches other libraries have taken - particularly libraries that have been through a remodel or new construction in the last 10 years.

We're being pressed for some quick answers and honestly haven't really thought about it very much. Seems like in the past we spent huge amounts of time updating the labels so my dream is for something we could use a template on to create the labels and print out pretty easily.

If you have some good solutions, we'd love to hear them. And if you happen to have an iPod, or camera in your phone that would lend itself to a quick email, that would be a huge help.

Thanks for any info you can send our way---

Caroline Mann                                                        Phone: 503-943-7420
Head, Public Services                                           Fax: 503-943-7491
Clark Memorial Library                                        mann at up.edu
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