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First come first serve to a library on the ORBIS CASCADE courier for the
following genealogical materials.  ( Please provide the name of your
dropsite if applicable.)  I have offered them to our local Family History
Center but they're downsizing their print collection.

[Microfilm] On a label on the box:  Southern Genealogist's Exchange
Society, Inc.  A surname index and pedigree charts.  Written in pen on the
box: "1000 pedigrees v.1"

[Microfilm] On a label on the box:  United States Bureau of the Census.
Population schedules of the eighth census of the United States, 1860.
Virginia; Grayson and Greenbreir counties.

Virginia in 1740: a reconstructed census, published 1992 by T.L.C.
Genealogy.  The first paragraph of the Introduction reads: "This book,
which is based on deeds, wills, tax lists, order books, etc., is an
alphabetical list of Virginia inhabitants, their county of residence, and
the source of the information about them.  This book may be helpful even
when your ancestor was from a burned county.  It makes research on Virginia
families much easier.  There are 25,477 names in the book, and 131
references were used."

Genealogy of the Ketcham and Kutch families: twelve and eight generations
respectively, copyright 1939 by Melcherd H. Kutch, Printers Woods & Jones,
Pasadena, CA.

The Parrish family, including the allied families of Belt, Boyd, Cole and
Malone, Clokey, Garrett, Merryman, Parsons, Price, Tipton....   Compiled
and published by Scott Lee Boyd, Santa Barbara, CA, 1935.  Reprinted 1988.

Dianne Zarder, Reference Librarian, North Bend Public Library, North Bend,
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